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The area seems to be in a weird pocket that avoids a majority of the crime ether happens in the area. Student alerts let students like myself know that a lot of the issues happen between 34th and 37th. We are also down the street from the local police precinct.
The area itself is fine, I've been told it use to be worse and you can see construction going on within a 3-4 square block radius of new apartments being built and old one being renovated. It's within walking distance of anything you could need which is great.
If you walk much further to girrard Avenue, you'll see what abandoned properties means There are quite a few.Its cheap and very close to Upenn and Drexel campuses.
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People are friendly. They'll say hello to you on the street. But don't take it too seriously they dont really know you. Some people know each other quite well. I guess I dont really pay attention and thats why they dont know me
Lots of people tell me to watch my back - because its west Philly I haven't been scared so far but of-course. I dont walk alone at night
I would live there because its close to school
I have lived here for years and it is something I would always consider my home because it is really the only place I know to be permanent.