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Love the trees and not so many neighbors! We have the most weed, coffee, and acupuncturists. Beautiful trees, rivers, mountains, we have it all. Food trucks, parks, good theater too. Great food, large retails, local businesses, fun, jazz, more fun and lovely people. I especially love rose garden, mods center, Powell's books, Jake, south park, and trailblazer, timbers, and more. It's always a fun town in P town. South Park is another great restaurant and there is OS MI as well. More parks than any other city.
The general atmosphere of my neighborhood is safe. I live close to several schools and parks which is nice. There is also quaint shopping places and I live close to several other suburbs of Portland. I live 5-10 minutes from downtown, 15 minutes from Tualatin and only 5 minutes from Lake Oswego. There is a lot of shopping and family activities to partake in.
The local fire and police are relatively close by and I do have the sense that this neighborhood is relatively well represented and cared for. The police presence is mostly felt around the apartments in the area.
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This is a pretty varied area with a new subdivision but also older apartments in need of repair. There are no vacant or abandoned properties. The cost of housing here ranges from $200,000-$500,000.
The area is very green. We are located somewhat on a hill, so there are some roads with heavy greenery and some without.
Most of the occupied houses are very well kept and in good operating condition. There are a lot of apartment complexes but they are all clean save for a few. Cost of housing isn't too high.
There are little to no crimes in the area. The people are friendly, and watch other one another. There are no signs of racial discrimination that would ensue some time of hate crime, and all the families with small children are very active in conversing with one another while their children play
With the global climate change affecting the regular four seasons, it's difficult to say whether or not the weather really is affecting my area. The past winter we have not received snow as we usually do every winter, so the dangers of a breakout of bugs and other pests are high in the impending summer.
There are many restaurants and bard scattered around my local area. The prices are exactly what you pay for - good food, good quality, good atmosphere. However, I cannot say the same for the fast food chains.
Most jobs here include being store employees. Most employment opportunities include being in customer service, being a cashier, or being an assistant. Most of the office jobs and such are located farther into the town, where the bigger companies are based in.
There's a place where pretty much everything is nearby- a local WalMart, Fred Meyers, Winco, heck even a Tigard Music store that is great with repairs and tutoring. The PCC Sylvania campus is right nearby and there is a small mini-store and 7-11 within walking distance, as well as a playground, elementary school, and public library. The local businesses here are excellent at what they do, and they are very literate in the English language, regardless of whether it is their first language. Even family-owned businesses are friendly, fast, and easy to talk to.
There's a large variety of shops available whether small or larger.
I live in a pretty residential neighborhood. Not too close to stores, but the closest stores are cute and mom and pop type places.