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killings during the summer, many fights within household on the block i live in and drive bys
There are many wrong things about this neighborhood. People selling drugs on the corners, killings happen mostly during the summers, some drive bys. Im trying my best to finish school and get out this block for my daughter and myself.
Most people who are walking here are most likely people that are living here. So far, I haven't hear a single police car driving by here. So I am assuming this place is almost like crime free.
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It is a nice area if you are a student because it is very quiet here, which is perfect for studying. It is a brand new house so the wall and the floor is clean/ you get a small backyard, and possibly a garage, and you can still have a parking lot. It is walking distance to many restaurants and convenient stores, and public transportation. If you are Temple or CCP students, it is very convenient for you guys to go to school from this area.