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There are less crime here
I really like to stay in this place.
The community is not bad in general. It's currently peaceful and in harmony. One of the advantages of living in my area is convenience. There are many stores that sells our daily needs. There is nothing that is not accessible near my area. Food, clothing, auto-repair, and other daily needs are abundant. It is almost like a village, but with all the modern perks. Although there are good factors of the area, it is also not the safest. There are crimes happening near the area.
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You can sit out on your steps and not have to worry about anymone trying to kill you or anything. it is an okay area. it might be a crime every once in the blue moon in my area. As to walking around late it is pretty good but you can never be to safe so i dont really travel at night.
Overall, this area could be described as one of the fore-running neighborhoods displaying cultural and economic diversity. I haven't lived here my entire life but I have witnessed a change in neighborhood occupants and police protection in three short years. There's a bit less of the drug-selling on street corners and I feel more comfortable walking around alone at night or in the daytime.
There are many parks and museums in Philadelphia. All parks are dog-friendly but cleanliness of the street is a requirement for dog owners to clean after pet's manure.
Most properties in Philadelphia are built within limited property areas. They are closely connected but the soundproof is really great.
The crime rate in my neighborhood is very low. As long you are staying away from West Philadelphia, you are pretty safe.
So far, I have not experienced one single natural disaster in the years i have lived in Philadelphia
It has variety of cuisines in Philadelphia. The city is quite big and spacious for explorers to investigate which type of food they desire the most.
Teens and adults may find part-time jobs with minimum salary/wage but it is not enough to cover most of people's monthly bills.
Philadelphia is an urbanized area with many corner stores located within conservative neighborhoods. The only problem is the ghetto in West Philadelphia. It's a dangerous area that many people are not willing to get involved in.
the city safe during daytime
The weather is warm and some time cold
it find job here little hard find job
The food around here is good to eat
the local bussesses it good
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the best thing was the bus in the corner wouold take you ti center city where you found everything.