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I am part of a urban evangelism school placed in this area. We are heavily focused on helping our community and joining them in an effort to improve our community in several aspects. I love my experience because of the amount of possibility there is to do community outreach.
Grew up in West Oak Lane, attended elementary and high school within this community. Currently I am actively involved in a faith based organization that reaches out to those less fortunate individuals in need of assistance with life choices.
The people in west oak lane are strong individuals. Not all are as warm, but i have seen people who fight for their development and of their neighborhood. I see new businesses opening up to help the advancement of pre-k and early childhood education assistance. Sometimes people can appear cold and uninterested, but once you know them, they are awesome people.
One thing that could improve is the wellness of the people. and more jobs.
The neighborhood needs more healthy restaurants and fresh vegetables so there can be a decrease on heart disease. the education of cooking healthy is crucial there since its a food desert. most foods there are processed and wrapped in plastic or cardboard. I think this takes a toll on the overrall mental and physical health of west oak lane.
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Most individuals on their home in this area and have lived in the community for more than 20 years there are lots and lots of rentals Apartments this is a working-class community safety is diminishing.
In my community people come all over from other neighborhoods. Some community members faith-based communities do not want to interact with other organizations outside their community.
Police show their presence when called, lots of violence aren't solved.
In my overall review I would choose to live here again.
Houses and streets are not getting better
Crime rate rising and school enrollment declining.
The crimes rates are on its way to reaching an all time high. When me and my mother first moved around West Oak Lane it was very peaceful and as of two years ago things have took a wrong turn and the only positive things that came from this was now our community has become closer because we want to end this. I pray for my community.
Close to a fairly dangerous neighborhood
There are equal advantages and disadvantages.
Vandalism is still a problem in this area.
Shopping center was restored and businesses have been successful. No space stays vacant for a length of time. A jazz festival was held in this community for several years until it became so big it could no longer be supported in the available space.

Quality local restaurants are also in area.
Have not had any major issues
This area is pretty safe. Crime rate happens everywhere but the crime rate could be better. The police are always around and harely there.
My neighborhood is an exceptable neighborhood. The atmosphere is generally safe and it has definitely got progessed over the pass year. In the future, I plan to help those in need and speard love throughout the community.
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Row housing stone construction, aging community
Long time residence, older community
Some crime in my area.