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West Oak Hill Reviews

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This is a quiet area, and I have enjoyed living here the past two years. Apartment prices can be a little higher, but it is worth it for the sense of security in the neighborhood.
The weather changes in the blink of an eye.
Good local restaurants that are fairly pricey.
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Conscious and locally owned businesses.
They are plenty of places to work especially in the technical field.
There is very little crime and violence in this area. The police are very responsive and vigilant.
There are many local businesses including grocers, restaurants and shops. There are also many big business companies such as Target and Walmart.
There are many trails and routes to exercise on in this area. There are many indoor workout facilities that are constantly busy. There are two nearby hospitals with decent quality and convenience. I stay physically active by running and playing soccer.
The area is growing exponentially, therefore creating many new job possibilities. There is a diverse career field in this area.
Austin has nice weather. It does tend to get hot in the summer, but we are in Texas.
I'm not highly involved with other parents.
The people in this area are great!
I don't follow politics closely and unable to provide a proper answer.
Austin is highly congested and the city does not keep up with the demands.
Austin is a fairly large city and has it's share of crime that is hand-in-hand with safety.
Austin is very eclectic and offers many types of neighborhoods to choose.
It is hard to find employment in Austin, and with a good pay scale.
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Austin has an abundance of many types of business to choose from in any given venue.
Austin offers many types of eateries from chain to mom and pop. The food is good to excellent in most cases.
Austin provides a number of gyms and has many outdoor activities to gain exercise.