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Victorian homes with easy access to Boston. Terrific school system. Small-town feel. Very ethnically and generationally diverse.
West Newton is a walkable family friendly village in the City of Newton. There are neighborhood elementary schools which are walkable and the school system is great.
It's very quiet. Not much happens
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Living here is great and quiet.
Little affordable housing options, sellers market
I will buy a house here if i can
Great area, friendly neighbors, outstanding schools, close to the city of Boston
There is always a job for anyone who is looking, most people in this area own their own stores/business
There are a bunch of little shops in the town that I live in which is great because there is always something for everyone
Most of the houses here are extremely nice. They are large and very well kept.
My city is one of the safest in the country. There is virtually no crime to speak of.
The weather here is extremely fickle. It will be 81 degrees one day and 54 the next. One minute it will be sunny and the next it will be downpouring.
There are so many options for food in this area. Practically every country and culture is represented in restaurant form.
Most people in my area are employed and making good money. There are a lot of business owners and a lot of people in corporate jobs.
The area I live in is very accessible. Every kind of business you could possibly need is within a 10 minute drive.
I feel very safe especially since the Marathon bombing and the swift action taken to ensure the protection of the civilians.
So far our public services has been good.
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It is bad during the winter. This year is probably the worst winter yet in MA. almost 80 inches thus far.
Finding a job is quite easy around here.
The food is really good.