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Beautiful neighborhood - old stone houses, mature street trees and close proximity to Wissahickon Valley Park. Tightly knit community with active neighborhood organizations and many environmentally conscious residents. Very walkable neighborhood - coffee shops, restaurants, consignment shops, salons, yoga studios, wellness centers, co-op market, post office. Regional Rail and bus routes make commute into Center City a breeze, and close proximity to I-76 and 309 make driving to surrounding areas fairly easy.
(West) Mt. Airy is an area unlike any other in Philadelphia. This calm, nature filled neighborhood gives you love, both from the grass and the city folk. It's fitting that it is North of Center City, because it is the polar opposite of South Philly. Any pizza shop, Family Dollar or church is within walking distance.
Mt. Airy is very hilly, which makes for a great morning jog. The houses all resemble pre-1900 homes but with an air of modernism. There’s a yearly event called Mt. Airy Day, where all the residents gather and sell goods. Jewelry, comic books and delicious funnel cake! Up and coming musicians perform shows. Mt. Airy Day is a great family event.
There were many times I went hiking near the hills at Lincoln drive with my grandfather. This isn't something you can do in South Philly. Whenever someone asks where I am from, I tell them "I'm from Mt. Airy" with a wide-toothed smile.
Recently, I moved to West Mount Airy and it has been a Blessing. I lived directly across the street from the Septa Regional Rail which has made my commute to work a breeze. This is a beautiful area, filled with the sights and sounds of nature. I love the restaurants and unique stores all along Germantown Avenue. It is peaceful, quiet and very safe here. People are very friendly and considerate to all. I am grateful and blessed to have this opportunity and would highly recommend this area to anyone who is looking for a living experience such as mine.
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I don't have much experience with the crime and safety except what is on the news and what I observe concerning graffiti and vandalism.
Particularly my neighborhood, it is a very diverse area and I wouldn't change anything about it. There are parks nearby, and even a trail next to a river that you can swim in.
As mentioned earlier, Mt. Airy was voted one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. This is due to the people that live there and the emergency response team. It's not often that you hear of very violent crimes happening in this neighborhood.
Mt. Airy has been voted the safest and most diverse neighborhood in the city. The small eateries and authentic vibes of mt. airy definitely keep the families there and bring new ones into stay. There are multiple locally owned business and the people are generally friendly. There's a little bit of everything for everyone in Mt. Airy.
Mt. Airy is very safe, but is close to less safe neighborhoods.
Mount Airy was an amazing place to grow up.
The neighborhood is generally inviting and has numerous qualities that make this area unique. There are changes that could be made including increased safety precautions and more neighborhood unification.
Would never live in the city, too rough
During the summer the weather is perfect, due to the many trees and the animals living in the are.
Many people living in the area have local jobs that offers to the community
There are a variety of affordable restaurants that are family fun.
Most of the jobs have been disbursed into the outskirts of the city. Employment discrimination remains steadily increasing and very high.
There is one park and a giant outdoor track to run.
The city is always working on new potholes placed in the street.
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Not many discriminate against the others. So average is good.
I'm not very sure about what people do in their lives.
Many do have to go outside to look for employment. There are boards around the community that show the available jobs. Most are just families looking for babysitters.