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West Markham Reviews

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Safe and if any trouble police respond quick
We have a few things to work in but nothing extreme .
There are many crimes happening near me, but the safety has been okay.
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I live in an okay area, but it would be better if the police patrol my area at night.
thank for the opportunity, hopefully you can help me further my education.
The housing here is variant. You can probably find what your looking for.
The local businesses around here for the most part have been around for years. So most of them know what they are doing.
Great and friendly neighbors. They are very welcoming to one another. Definitely a family friendly neighborhood
There is high crime here, from robberies to homicide. The police need to make a better effort to show their presence!
There are numerous gyms, but they are never packed, just a few here any there, but you see quite a bit of people jogging outside
this is a tourist state, and we have many tourist attractions. Presidential library, state parks, lakes and downtown rivermarket.
There are many services that need to be reformed and held accountable for their actions