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I believe that West Los Angeles is an up and coming amazing area to live and work in. The schools are great and the work environment is second to none.
The diversity you see here is like non other! One of the best parts of Los Angeles filled with tourist locations as well as every day common life.
Whats most unique about Los Angeles is that each neighborhood has its own charm and vibe. What I enjoy about living in West Los Angeles having the beach so accessible to you and having cooler weather compared to central LA. What I've noticed about living in West Los Angeles is that it feels most coastal and filled with people who are driven (without having an attitude). Feels more family-friendly yet has a good mixture of young people who are pursuing their dreams. Overall I've enjoyed living here.
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What I like the most is the weather.What I want to be change is the heavy traffic in the mornings and afternoons.
I really love living in West L.A. the neighbourhoods are diverse, you are close to Santa Monica, Culver City, and Downtown, living so close to the metro is definitely a plus.
Everything was a good distance away. If it wasn’t close, it definitely wasn’t far either. Convenient public transportation to get anywhere. Food, shops, neighborhoods are nice and decent. However, prices are getting higher nowadays which sucks. I live in South Bay now and I miss West LA so much!
West Los Angeles is a very quiet neighborhood. There are both families and single young adults alike. Stoner park is an excellent recreational center with a sports field, dog park, swimming pool and even a skateboard park. There's something for everyone in 90025.
I just moved to West LA not too long ago and absolutely love how close I am to so many things. I also really enjoy how I can have the neighborhood feel while still living in a city.
I like the diverse environment I experience on a daily basis around my neighborhood, the security around the area is average which there is not that big amount of incidents that can put people in risk that often.

Schools really need to be improved, there are areas where schools are not that well equipped than others; it is important to address this issues being that not every child will receive the same education quality than others.
Sports areas such as gyms or recreational spaces could really create a more positive impact in my area if there would've been more, providing people the resources to exercises or doing positive activities will boost safety even more around my neighborhood. Also it is important to highlight that such spaces improve the lifestyle of every individual that have the access to them, it improves not just on a health perspective, but also, help people to create networks with those around their area, it helps people to be more involved with their neighborhood.
I absolutely love West Los Angeles. It's the ideal location for weather, convenience, and I can get to every other part of los angeles really easily
One of the greatest areas of Los Angeles, the location is perfect distance to the beaches, malls, landmarks and growing up here makes me really appreciate the wonderful city I live in
I've lived 8 places during my 10 years in LA and this is my favorite. I've been here 2.5 years. It's kind to people without a car. CVS, Walgreens, 2 Ralph's, Trader Joe's, Chase Bank all within a mile and plenty of bus options. I feel safe when I walk home at night. Close enough to the beach to get a little of the cooling effect. Santa Monica adjacent without paying Santa Monica prices. Lots to do on Santa Monica Blvd., Olympic, Pico. Super handy: less than a mile to the new Metro line, less than a mile from the 405 and the 10. There are cute buildings in the neighborhood, LOTS of new apartment complexes are going up. Pretty landscaping. Stoner Park is hopping.
West Los Angeles' geographic position is amazing. It sits between popular destinations in Los Angeles such as Santa Monica, Hollywood, Culver City, and Downtown LA. This advantage is crucial in a city infamous for car traffic. Visiting different parts of the city can be discouraging because of traffic, but living in West LA makes a huge difference to avoid driving in major traffic.
This is a great area to reside in. With the new addition to the Metro, getting to the Santa Monica Pier has never been easier. There are great restaurants that offer a variety of Asian fare on Sawtelle, dubbed Sawtelle Japantown. West LA is close to many major freeways making it easily accessible to commuters. My only complaint would be the evident homeless problem. I wish there was a quality shelter nearby.