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Need more ways to feel safe. A lot of crime in the area. There is also a lot of vacant property and no access to grocery stores with healthy choices.
It’s is a small community comprised mainly of retired and family residents. Predominantly Hispanic, with a polish minority. Near midway airport, and other south suburbs of Chicago. Fairly close to Ford City, as well as many schools and restaurants.
West Lawn is a home that you wanna g back to when feeling homesick. It's a place where you can get any type of food just around the corner.

What I want change, is more safety from the gun violence, but other than that this community is a close one.
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West Lawn is a great family neighborhood on the southwest side of Chicago. It is only a few minutes away from Midway Airport and about 15 to 20 minutes from downtown Chicago. There are many different restaurants and parks in this walkable neighborhood.
Neighborhoods are pretty clean. Several local parks in the area provide locations to get out and enjoy being outside. There are places to shop and eat near by however not much in variety. Area does contain multiple cultures, primarily latino/hispanic.
West Lawn is a nice friendly place to live although, I would like the streets fixed because there are too many potholes.
I currently live here, its not a bad neighborhood but it does have its bad sides. It is super close to midway airport, so if noise is a problem for you than you will not be happy here. I would like to see our school improve, but i guess they are as good as the rest of chicago. The good side of west lawn is that it is peaceful, well as peaceful as chicago can get
West Lawn is my childhood neighborhood where I grew up. I went to a local public school there and I loved it there. While there may be some incidents of vandalism and a few windows broken, it is still an amazing and nature full neighborhood.
Overall a well rounded neighborhood that is very hispanic oriented and friendly. Though there is occasional crime, that is due to people from outside of the community looking to cause trouble, but luckily there isn't much to worry about.
This neighborhood is excellent, quiet, peaceful, and safe. All the stores are easily accessible, especially the transportation is very convenient as well since the Midway Orange Line is very close to Pasteur Park as well.
I currant live in the West Lawn area and I must say that it is such a lovely neighborhood. I have lived in the neighborhood for over ten years, and do not plain on changing that. I love all the local restaurants around the area, and love supporting the local small businesses. Los Comales on 62nd and Pulaski is my favored family owed restaurant.
I recently bought a house in this neighborhood and I have not seen any criminal activity near my house, safety was my biggest concern. The school that my son goes to is very close and looks like it is a new school and the teachers communicate easily with me. The houses all look pretty well-kept and people actually pick up their dog's business. I do like that I have parking right in front because of permit parking, but I do not like to pay for the temporary passes for visitors. The neighbors are all pretty friendly and there are tons of jobs at the airport, which one of my siblings works there and she just walks a few minutes as well. It is also very diverse, so many ethnicities on my block, which is nice to see.
Overall, decent area to live in. Renting an apartment or house is not too expensive. Needs better public schools, however. The schools offer good programs, but need to be more competitive in comparison to schools in the northern part of the city.
Clean empty lots. Make housing more affordable. A ymca needed nearby more jobs. Occupy abandoned buildings and houses. Better lighting on streets and alleys.
West Lawn is overall a very safe community. I have lived here my whole life and do not see myself moving anywhere else. Recommend others to live here.
I have been living in the area for over 15 years and have never had a problem. Lived in the are with my parents then married and bought a home in the area. I have been very happy here and have even started raising a family in this neighborhood. There are restaurants and stores near by. Great place to live.
I like the community. There is a local church and the people are great. You really feel like you are a part of something.
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It's completely quiet and kids can always come outside with out worries.
I love going outside and getting greeted by the whole neighborhood while walking my dog. I can walk around without no worries of any type of crime. It's easy to talk with a resident if there's any problem. The community overall is great, clean, and more importantly safe
If I had to pick where to live all over again it would still be where I am currently living in. It is not a bad neighborhood and everyone tries to get along with one another.