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I think my only complaint about the police department is that when they ride motorcycles they do have on their helmets but proper ride gear can be just as important. I have friends with motorcycles who believe that they can wear normal clothing because the police do to. In any case, they police are approachable and easy to spot. Crime doesn't seem to be above average.
I enjoy Bellevue. It's not as big as Seattle but still offers all sorts of things to do.
I feel safe to walk around my area.
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It's a safe area, and people are friendly.
Bellevue is a wonderful area and Id love to live there again.
We have a great sense of community around my high school- community and school spirit is what my school is known for. I wouldn't say we have that strong a sense of community within my neighborhood though. I know a few neighbors but not all of them. People do tend to stay here a while, but we don't really have many activities that we do together.
Lots of places to choose from. We have food from lots of different cultures, and also a variety when it comes to cost. Popular places among my friends (we're in high school) are the food court at Crossroads, Chipotle, Menchie's, Starbucks, and the Cheesecake factory.
We have a lot of rain all the time. Summers don't get too warm, winters don't get too cold, and spring and fall are very rainy. There's almost no natural disasters- I've lived here 18 years and once we had an earthquake (that I remember). Most essential wardrobe items: raincoat (probably black- everyone wears black in Seattle), umbrella.
I'm not employed; I'm a student
I really don't go shopping much but the stores nearby are nice
Great businesses. Plenty of foot traffic
There's always construction. But other than that