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I can't speak for others but I'm a more isolated person so I dont really connect with my neighbors.
There is a lot of crime but you could never live in a place without crime. I believe with if the police get more officers the police will respond quicker.
Flooding constantly happens around my area. If a hurricane was to occur my area would be damaged serveraly.
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There is not that many restuarants but they have a few clubs near by.
A hospital, a gym, a dollar general and pozza hut open recently so it have multiple choice in different job areas of work
There is variety of different stores that are consider big companies and small companies
The police force is chronically understaffed, making response times longer. The local representatives are not accessible to the constituents. The local laws do not fit nor reflect the needs of the citizens. There is too much division in the city.
Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the city in August 2005. The area has been neglected and investments have not been made to restore the area since the storm.
Most people in this area work at fast food restaurants making minimum wage.
There is only one bar in the area I am familiar with. It seems to be a popular place for the locals. One is not nearly enough to sustain the population area.
There are limited businesses to acquire anything in this area. There are no grocery stores within a mile of where I live. Mom and pop shops have long disappeared. There is no where I can go to get everything I need. I have to travel to other parishes constantly to get the items I need which is completely disappointing.