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Much nicer than the bougie northern indianapolis/carmel area. Character, soul, and beauty. Don't a gentrifier, though. Live in one of the many lovely areas that supports the local economy and doesn't displace local residents.
I love that Indianapolis have a charm to it but it’s somewhat modern. I do feel a lot of the older houses needs to updated. The communites are nice and they have schools in them that are easily accessible.
racetrack is close and people are friendly but would like to see homelessesness end sooner than later
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The further west you go in Indy, the friendlier the people get. Everything is right there when you need anything. Neighborhoods are quiet and safe.
I love the night life of the city, however the crime rate is horrible, and the healthy living is horrible. There are at least 5 murders everyday, and working at a hospital I have learned that Indianapolis is one of the least healthy places to live.
I've lived on the west side of Indianapolis for 13 years since moving to Indy from Chicago. I enjoy living on the west side, however there is not much to do as far as recreation.
West Indianapolis is not the best place to raise kids, but is decent enough if you have older children.
I grew up on the west side of Indy and just recently moved back into the house I grew up in. Some parts are better some are worse but the neighborhood is still quiet and filled with working families.
I love the constant growing of the neighborhoods. I grew up in the worst neighborhood on the westside and I see a new house renovated everyday or a new park for the kids. Its a great thing to watch.
I have lived in the westside of Indianapolis since march 2009, I can say that I feel safe and my kids go to a public school which is not the greatest but is good . I feel safe in my neighborhood and I think my neighbors are ok.
West Indy isn't amazing, but is not terrible. There is a lot of places to shop, but nothing high-end. It is pretty average from most aspects, but comfortable. My only complaint is there is not a lot of kid-fun places.
Lived in West Indianapolis (10th/I465) for 3 years and during my first year my apartment was robbed. The West side is the only place where I've seen several rebel flags flown from a driver's pick up truck. The positive I enjoyed were international foods available such as Cuban, Japanese and Ethiopian.
I have lived on the west side of Indianapolis for almost 3 years now and I really like it. My neighbors are very kind, they always say good morning and ask me if I need help keeping my yard cut. This past winter I didn't have a snow blower and I was having trouble getting in and out of my driveway. I guess my neighbor saw me struggling and when I came home from work that evening my walkway and driveway were totally clean. I live in a neighborhood with some really great people.
I currently live in an apartment complex that is very high in crime. There have been several shootings, even Papa Johns will no longer deliver here because of the shootings. People just walk in if your door isn't locked and some try to just walk in behind you!!
West Indianapolis is a great area. Convenient to suburbs of Avon, Plainfield and Brownsburg but also just 15 minutes to downtown Indy. West Indy has strong diversity and culture. It's family friendly and the crime rate is average. Neighbors are friendly and the schools are excellent.
I like the area because it's a growing with plenty of options for restaurants, shopping and activities to do.
I have lived on the west side of Indianapolis since 1998. It is a wonderful place to live. I know it like the back of my hand and have always enjoyed my time here. I can't imagine living anywhere else and plan to raise my family here as well.
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Fed Grant needed to up grade Haughville this is a must this part of town has been over looked for over 30yrs this must stop, upgrading is a must
I enjoy living on the west side of Indianapolis, the community is very diverse, and there are plenty of opportunities to experience many world cultures within close distance of my home.
I like the convenience and cost of living aspects of the west side, I think the safety issues is a huge problem that needs addressed.