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Away from the hustle bustle of the city, yet close enough to get to the fun. Great schools. Good neighbors.
What i like about West Hills is that we have a very clean surroundings. People are nice and approachable. Peaceful neighborhood.
Clean place with good families that really make an effort to get to know you! SAFE neighborhood, place where kids can play outside by themselves. Although the roads need to be updated and definitely MORE TREES need to be planted to make it more greener!!!
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I enjoy the atmosphere and the diversity. It is a very laid-back and relaxed community. Many people here love the outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer.
West Hills is quiet for the most part, but unfortunately is becoming more expensive as the years go by.
I love living in West Hills because it is such a small town so you know everyone everywhere you go. There are also stores and food places all over so you can get pretty much anywhere you need to be within 15 minutes of driving. I live 5 minutes from each of my grandparents so we see them almost every weekend. It is also well kept for the most part with very little homeless people and very little trash/litter. There are good jobs opportunities everywhere. I currently work two jobs which were both super easy to get.
Overall, West Hills has been a great place. Ive lived here since I was 10 years old, and I have attended 3 schools in the area. The people and environment make you feel so at home. There are so many young kids and teenagers in the neighborhood, which makes it feel like a big family. Baseball fields, parks, movie theaters, strip malls, and so many more attractions for families are located right in west hills.
I've lived in West Hills all my life. It is the definition of suburbia, but its within driving distance from all of the best parts of Los Angeles. The food places are all pretty good, the people are pretty relaxed, and it's so close to LA where you can find even better food and the nightlife that is lacking in the Valley.
I like the peacefulness and the accessibility. However, not everyone is entirely friendly or respective.
Living in West Hills is an okay area. Sometimes people get attacked, or CDs will be hung on the telephone poles, which means a spot to sell drugs. There has been one robbery that I know of. even though these type of events happen once in a while, I feel like it will happen to me one day in my neighborhood.
nice, quiet, easy access to freeway and lots of good restaurants and more importantly, awesome ice cream shops!
Great community, been here 17yrs and wouldn't want to go anywhere else while completing my education.
I currently live here and I love it. It is a great neighborhood that I loved growing up in. Everything from the people to the accessibility of many stores, my experience so far has been great.
Amazing community with amazing people. I have grown up here for so long and I begged my mom not to move when she wanted to just because I love it here and I wanted to finish high school here with all my friends.
A good community overall. There are a lot of good places to eat, good hiking trails, and other activities in the area.
super close to a great shopping center, quiet neighborhood. Enough streetlights at nighttime. People walk their dogs at all times. great schools around. Welby way ES, hale MS, and el camino real HS.
I like how the neighborhood is friendly and quiet when compared to living in a large city like downtown Los Angeles, however it is still a large suburban area with plenty of things to see and do. I also enjoy the architecture of buildings and houses being very 1970s/1980s.
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I personally am not a fan of West Hills. There is very little of a community feel, tremendous amounts of traffic, everything is expensive, and there isn't much to do for fun.
There's always fun things to do, from neighborhood block parties to concerts in the park! Everyone is so kind and always free to help out a friend.
The area is nice and safe. There are several schools in the area, various shopping centers and parks.
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