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The West Grand neighborhood, in my opinion, has all you need for life within reach, especially with the construction of the new Meijer store happening. It has some great bars/breweries, corner groceries, ice cream, Richmond Park, churches, and many specialty and service stores for cars, computers, and more. The businesses and families moving into the area are improving life for everyone around.
There's crime, but nothing big has ever happened
I love how close to downtown it is and its nice
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The neighborhood and atmosphere are fantastic!!
There are many places to go to workout. There are many trails and even exercising in the neighborhood is simple and easy.
There are many different events in Grand Rapids. There are plenty of bars to go to and many events to attend, especially throughout the summer!
I have applied many places on Alpine and have not had a job for 2 months now. Still looking, and still nothing close.
Most are friendly. My neighbor is one of the few that aren't. The age group varies, but we have never had a problem.
Police are responsive. Sometimes it takes them longer than usual. Local lows are fine. Public snow plowing isn't great. They always wait too long and never plow enough.
It's right near all the restaurants and fast food places on Alpine! It's an easy shoot to any place thinkable.
This neighborhood is friendly. Many friendly neighbors and all houses seem to be occupied. The cost isn't much as long as you have the right amount of rooms to split with roommates.
WINTER IS AWFUL! Summer is fine, but recently summer weather does NOT last long.
There aren't much crimes that I have seen or heard happening. I have seen police around and monitoring the streets, so I feel quite safe.
Mayor Heartwell is ok. I agree with some of his plans but others i don't.
Living in the city there is alot of variation everything form suburbs to neighborhoods to innercity.
I would describe it as a typical city. It has it's problems with some dietary choices but overall I would say it is in normal.
There plenty of bars and dining areas downtown and smaller bars with great food.
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Truthfully, I have found several public services that are directly affiliated with the State of Michigan including (the SOS, DHS, and until "very recently" our local Court House) has exhibited "Extreme Prejudice" and have went out of their way to deprive me of what is "just". The "proof" is in the "f.a.c.t."..., which will all soon be fully dislcosed infront of an impartial "Jury"..., and then, finally..., there will be Justice.
We are blessed in Michigan to have pretty mild weather with very few tornados and no hurricanes, earthquakes or major flooding.
Statistically Michigan is 81% white, and all minorities make up the other 19%. In the city, that statistic changes slightly to favor a higher mixed of culture, ethnicity and races. Overall, in this day and age, "most people" are not prejudice. Sadly, some still are, but that is a condition of the heart that effects the mind and is revealed within the "deeds" of mankind. To sum it up, most people are very friendly. The few bad apples, don't spoil the bunch.