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The overall crime rate and unsafe neighborhoods do not make this area ideal.
Although there is high gang activity reported in the surrounding arears, my neighborhood is pretty safe. We have around the clock security and the local police are often visible patrolling. Every building requires a special key fob for entry and there are plenty of cameras.
Outsiders may not find this area as favorable, but I am very comfortable here. I have lived here most of my life and know almost everyone in my neigborhood. Access to transportation is the BEST in this area. There is every type of business in walking distance.
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Even though it is a neighborhood full of public neglect because mostly minorities live here, it is my home and I appreciate it and love it probably more than if I lived in a white rich neighborhood. The people who live here have culture, and have caring hearts. Old people vibe and listen to music together outside, converse and play with their grand children. Everyone is hard working but there is beauty in their handwork and struggle. There's different cultures in every apartment and home, every door smells of a different but delicious food.
Crime is definitely noticeable but if you don't look for trouble you will usually not experience trouble.
There are all kinds of restaurants in my area ranging from McDonalds to Hispanic/Italian restaurants. Bars are very easy to come; most being hispanic.
There are many old buildings but there are also many new ones being currently constructed.
There isn't a real sense of the community coming together to overcome an obstacle or achieve a goal. Nonetheless, there is some interaction between the people living here.
Weather varies throughout the year but it rarely reaches extremes.
In my local area there are a good amount of low-pay jobs to be found and the economy has substantially gotten better. For better jobs, one usually has to travel a couple of minutes into the inner city.
There is a wide variety of businesses in my area. Most big company stores are only a 30 minute ride away via public transportation
Need more jobs, trainings

higher pay
Could be a little better
Need more salons, beauty supply, daycares
The pizza is good here
You get all you will need from the stores.
Crime in this area has gone down in recent years, but police still slack on their job although they're always around.
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I have never had a job in this area.
Most of the local stores have what I need compared to big name retailers ( in my area)
The community is good, but there are many health risks that come into fruition by living in here.