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Neighbors are friendly and many places within walking distance. The views are beautiful and there are a few parks and playgrounds to visit. Geiger is a great school with great teachers and staff.
Similar to many communities, crime varies upon neighborhood. The particular neighborhood I live in feels very safe, clean, and well kept. Within five to ten minutes surrounding the area, the environment changes. There is a good amount of vandalism, graffiti, and abandoned buildings, but the response to the issues seems apparent. Tacoma as a whole has many issues when it comes to crime. This is a concern for the surrounding communities safety and also issues on how to approach these issues to make it better.
This are is very comfortable. The people within the community are very kind. The schools in the district are getting better, and the educators really care about their students. The lush green surroundings with local shops and parks scattered about the area make it a very nice place just to walk around. The atmosphere is so welcoming and I would choose to live here again. This area seems like it will evolve with the generations to come. With close proximity to schools (elementary, middle, and high school) it will draw more young families as time continues on.
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The safety in my area could be improved because there are certain houses that are known for trouble and police will only stop things if it gets too crazy. In other parts of town the crime rate is still really bad and it needs to be improved very much.
I live in a very diverse neighborhood on the north end. There are many people who don't understand common curtsy though and will blast music, leave garbage around, and not clean up after their pets. There are good neighbors though that will help each other out with things like good people.
The students sometimes aren't very pleasant.
not sure what to say here
It's a pretty good area, nothing bad really ever happens. I wold gladly live here again and have a family here. the atmosphere here is pretty good too and i would rank it a solid 8 out of 10
This is the best area to live. It is quiet, loving, but fun at the same time.
It is a great place for families, easy to get around and travelling to stores etc however the job outlook isn't as favorable as in the larger Seattle area. Commuting on the freeway is terrible, always congested which is why my parents are thinking of moving closer to their jobs
Tacoma is very sad and gloomy. There's a lot of trash. The area is generally ugly, even though it functions fine. There aren't enough green areas around town. Everything is alright.
I always see someone walking whenever I look out the window. People ride their bikes a fair amount too but since I live on a busy street I mainly see cars but there is still excersise to be seen, of all shapes sizes and ages.
In Washington there really isn't much to complain about except the rain and how there can be a lot at one time or sometimes at a more moderate rate. This causes people to have more sweatshirt,sweaters,rain boots,and good coats more then tank tops. But that's mainly spring and sometimes fall but in summer everyone is out doing something whether it's walking their dog, going for a bike ride or just walking and enjoying the sun. I think I have a normal wardrobe because I have clothes for winter and summer and then I can mix and match them for spring and fall.
I personally have applied to bug companies like The Metropolitan Market and a Safeway that always hire students in high school but with me they didn't I never got anything back even when I had called them after applying online and leaving my information. This had led to more job searching and hoping someone will hire me.
A small shop called Compass Rose. I loved the store on its own and the service and vibe from the people working there was really pleasent and appreciated for when I was trying to find something specific across their wide variety shop.
People in this are do talk about fitness a lot, but relatively not many do something about it. Many enroll, but like 15% of people follow their exercise plan continually. Education is not that great, many who enroll into gym don't know what they are doing. But me, once i decided i want to exercise - i enrolled into gym easily, found and talked to trainer, who started me up, but it was at very basic level. From there i probably need to keep educating myself on my own. I took Total fitness at Tacoma Community College, but that was basic education too. Not enough. There are few private gyms, but they are very expensive.
I have close people who had something stolen from them in the day light. One was even shot and now in wheel chair. (Both incidents were caused by teenagers)

Personally i have encountered people that wanted to get something from me, pretending they innocently need help...
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It's very rainy here, most of the time that is fine - once you get used to it.
Olive Garden and Apple Bees is the place to go for "affordable and somewhat luxury" dining. There are few luxury and expensive ones, but i never had a reason to go there can't say much.
i wanted to become fashion designer, or just artist - here it is just not possible, unless i wanted to become an art professor, which i didn't. Other than that, jobs offered all need experience, which i don't have yet as a student. Other great jobs you can get only through connections.