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I have enjoyed living the West End for the community and the connections that I have made there. I would like to see more diversity because of the increasing segregation in the St. Louis area. I would also like to see more unity in the neighborhood between residents!
I am not sure of how the crime rate is but if it has not decreased then it probably is at a constant rate as of today.
I love the city because of the vibe and cultural aspects and the Central West End area is a good place to live in Saint Louis because of the various opportunities it gives to people such as, diversity, activities, and quality services.
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the police does drive around at times and do come quick if call due to the amount of gun violence in the neighborhood, we do have neighborhood watch.
The area is very nice and quite at times but the neighbors or getting terrible with all the gun violence everyday makes it very unsafe to live, but the school district is way better then the county schools they offer so much more.
A lot of gang violence
There is a lot of gang violence in my neighborhood as well as poverty but it is extremely close to the city and wealthy neighborhoods as well.
the weather in st. louis is very confusing you will never know what's the weather going to be like
The people around st.louis is picky so if they want something they will not go no where and cook it their selves plus in st. louis you really don't have that many food places surround the area or no places to party at.
The reason why the businesses around me are okay because mostly everything is based of of race and favoritism if the employers don't like you or anyone they will treat you like crap and won't give the time you need.