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West End is like my family. I've become attached to the community because of how nice it is, how nice the people are there.
some of the houses are nice
the weather is pretty nice most of the time
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It is not that bad
This attractions in this area are good, The museum are very nice and clean
The employment in this area is not good, it takes months for someone to get hired
their is little to no growth for business thus employment correlates
I do not safe walking alone at night
we have parks that are nice to walk around
many low income families live here so the local business would have to target their specific needs.
its affordable prices but the meals are not elegant. very diversified which is great!
There is a few things missing.
the only season that makes it tough around here is winter. the streets do not get plowed for a long time after a storm. we have to drive on a mound of ice until it melts. then the pot holes are horrendous. some are bif enough to damage the front end of a car. we have no natural disasters no, just snow. gloves and hats and boots are essential here.
there are never community events in this area. having a pet is nice, i have a dog and a cat by the way. but they have to constantly be watched for fear of the street. people drive to fast here. the people who live near me have been here for aa couple of years, i don't know how long they plan on staying, most seem very happy to live here.
i grew up here so i like this area for that reason. i do not see myself living here in 5 years from now. although i was a happy kid growing up here, i will not raise my children here. if i had the chance to do it over again is another story. if i know what i know now, i would not do it over again. my mom was always worried that me and my sister would get seriously hurt by the other kids on the block. they were mean, and their parents didn't care what they did, eventually they joined a gang. i can see this area bouncing back a little. the gang activity has lessened and the bully's have moved on to other neighborhoods. maybe in time, it will be a nice neighborhood.
this is the worst area for tourists. there is no attractions here. only houses and corner stores.
people in my neighborhood are very friendly. but they are also weary of whats goes on outside in the streets. the children are not allowed to play outside without supervision because there are no yards, so they have to play near the streets. pets are not safe here because of the cars that speed down my street.we have nice neighbors and they mind their own business.
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we have alot of accidents. whether it be with cars or pedestrians. drunk drivers hitting innocent people and most of the time leaving the scene. we have speeders and young kids without a proper license just going on a reckless joy ride. public transportation is very nice. you can go anywhere on a bus.
i am currently looking for a job in and around this city, i have been applying since i graduated high school and unable to get hired. around here, is mostly corner stores and liquor stores. i don't speak fluent spanish, so working at a store around here is out of the question. and i don't like being around alcohol so i won't work thereeither
depending on the severity of a situation, the police do not respond very quickly for something minor. the fire department responds very quickly. ambulance i'm not sure of, have never used this service