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I won't stay in long beach forever, but there will be a few things i will definitely miss.
Its too many to name there's a wide variety in long beach i prefer fast food and some times taco beach and joes crabshake.
In southern California its always sunny and maybe cloudy if we're lucky and it rains when it feels like it.
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I really dont care to much about who's running things because my vote dont count no matter how much i vote
Well you always smile the beach and alot of raccoons and squirrels but if you want to see wild life the nature center and the Aquarium of the Pacific are the places to go.
Long beach trasit goes everywhere and you cant get lost with long beach's customer service for vistors in the city of long beach and metro trains got in and out of the city as well straight shot to the union station and LAX
We have a lobster festival, crawfish festival, zombie festival, jazz festival, bacon festival, rock festival, marathons, concerts, community based events like the kings parade, cambodian New year's parade and more
Well its a really active city with gyms, marathons, bike rides, and yoga on the beach. Facilities are nice and clean
The stores in the area that i live in are great everything is walking distance almost all store clerks or owners know my name and trust me to get stuff of credit.
You dont have to worry about maintenance in long beach because its like you see something that needs to be fixed 2Days later done. Streets are reall never dirty and crime is going to happen because there's gangs in every city but not as bad in long beach. I kno i feel safe.
Long beach has events year round, pet friendly we have dog parks everywhere they even have events for pets. People tent to be life long residents when they move here, like me.
I wouldn't be sure because i dont work but im sure it cool i know people who work downtown who love there job
Long beach housing is grate most apartments have utilities paid, nice prices for housing and a bus to go everywhere if you dont have a car. Parking might be a problem the closer you are to the beach.
Before i lived in Long Beach i lived in Compton and Los Angeles the bad parts i should say, but my dad lived in long beach and i loved it-- home away from home. I always seen long beach as my safe haven a place were i was accepted. I went to lausd and cusd schools and it was the worst childhood experience in my life i was teased, rediculed, and not accepted because of my disability, but one year i begged to go to school in long beach and it was like a dream nobody talked about my disability and everybody liked me, that day i told myself i would never leave. It will only get better.
People here in downtown long beach are the best. Nice, easy going-- like new day hipsters, and everone is accepted or atleast you don't have to worry about being judged. My city is a bully free zone, Autism support group and welcome those of the gay community with open arms, long beach to me is a safe haven for all.
The area is generally quiet. It has been pretty safe thus far. Schools are farther out in other areas of Long Beach, and the schools seem to be decent.
Pretty good transportation overall. The bus stops are clean and there are rarely any problems with the safety of pedestrians.
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Mainly fast food in the area, which is the average just as any other fast food restaurant.
In house cardio exercise and body weight workouts.