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So many shootings and gang violence.
The fact that my area is close to so many fun areas and food locals makes it amazing. However the crime rate is a bit too high.
My family and I use to be able to have late night walks around seven or eight around the park but that is not possible anymore. We were not scared of anything a few years ago but recently with so many thief's and all the violence, we prefer to stay in. Plenty has changed in the area over time and not for the good. I still hope that I get to experience the awesome and calm neighborhood that I once grew up in.
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When we first moved into the area, I was very young so I can't remember much but my parents told me how the neighborhood was very safe at all hours and how everyone was pretty much familiar with each other. Now, that has completely changed because the neighborhood is now deteriorating in education, safety and environmentally. Overall, it isn't the worst neighborhood in Chicago but its also not the greatest like it use to be in my eyes.
I've lived here for almost 7 years and have had at least 4 incidents that have caused me to contact local law enforcement.
My community is very diverse. The residences in this community are mostly family owned. The locals are middle class and travel to work daily using the local public transportation source. The area is also comprised of elementary and high school aged students. There is a strong sense of family values although most of the residents don't interact with each other.
There are problems with the crime but it's only late at night and it mostly never involves innocent people. It always involves gangmembers and those starting the violence.
I love the neighborhood I love it. It has the qualities of a small town where neighbors know each other but the closeness to the city also offers an urban environment where you are close to restaurants! grocery stores, and night life.
The homes are keept well and neat and rarely anyone moves out, but when they do the house is bought within a month.
The area where I live by has a lot of parks and schools so it is safe as people think. Although sometimes it has its moments where you see people getting arrested, vandalizing, teens writing on buildings. Other than that it's a good community.
The neighborhoods should be visualized more often to prevent graffiti
The neighborhood is okay but it could use a nearby community house.
To begin with, I think I live in a great area. The neighbors are friendly and helpful. It's a diversity neighborhood, which I believe it is the important key to a great area. If I had to choose to live here again I definitely would!
We do have police cars always driving by, adn a couple stations close by. Not into governors and what not
Its an overall clean neighborhood, with blocks of similiar houses close together , all with a garage and yard.
Its city, so not as much nature as i sometimes would like, but there are some nice spots.
We get many types of weather , the cold can be the worst. But when we finally reach nice weather it can be really nice, and we dont get anything extreme like tornadoes or earthquakes.
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There are many little restaurants down the main street of pulaski, from fast food, to places like Giordanos . Nothing extremely fancy, but definitely some good choices, and some just in walking distance.
Overall its a safe neighborhood
It is alright, not a large diversity but a good amount