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I wasn't familiar with this area before renting a house in a newer (15 yr old)neighborhood with "nicer" houses. Didn't realize that ALL around our cute little neighborhood were homeless camps tucked behind the levee and bike trail. We are trying to move as soon as we can. Have had theft from our front porch, homeless use our street as their main thoroughfare, going through our garbage. Garbage/discarded furniture and stray dogs everywhere. Within a 2 mile radius there has been at least 1 shooting per month, we hear the gunshots and have heard about it on the news the next day. I'm moving, and will pay the extra couple hundred bucks per month to live in a safer, cleaner, more pleasant neighborhood.
Police are regularly seen and there is a police and fire station in the neighborhood. There are very few crimes, and the ones that do occur are nothing serious. Although, there is a lot of noise generated by passing criminal justice vehicles. The sense of safety is pretty good during the day, but at night it may feel uneasy to walk around.
There is not a lot of availability of nutritional food in the area. Most food stores are large markets. The stores have a lot of variety, but the quality of the services such as beauty and cosmetics may not be so good. Popular stores are mostly the supermarkets and they outshine smaller stores.
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Most people in the community work in minimum wage jobs and employment is slightly hard to come by. In order to live here and have a well paying job, you will most likely need to commute elsewhere. Most employment available is for retail and other employment of that nature.
I personally have not dealt with any transportation issues.
It's not very busy when it comes to having cars, but the people driving in the area is the main concern.
There is very minimal improvements in the area, but slowly getting better.
No parks worth going in this general area. It's mostly residential.
There are no events that are held in my neighborhood.
There are not too many people excercising in my neighborhood. There are a few young kids outside playing.
Food in this area is very diverse and for the most part very delicious.
People are ok. Some are good some are bad. Overall they are decent.
Retail, restaurant, service shops they are all good.
There is crime in this neighborhood. I wish I would have checked the neighborhood before moving in.
There are a few good houses in the area, but not enough to say its a great neighborhood.
Unfortunately I have not taking advantage of local services.
There are very few people that take care of their homes. There are a few friendly people in the neighborhood, but not everybody is nice.