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The neighborhood was somewhat quiet, but they are knocking down the older homes and building 6 unit townhouses on each lot. the more that go up the more traffic there is.
I love the hustle and bustle of Denver.
I do not know what people do in my neighborhood. I don't believe this portion of the survey is very relevant to me, I don't work in the area nor have I looked for employment here. I haven't heard anyone talking about their jobs here.
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I regret not doing my research before moving in the area. Though Denver is highly accessible by car, for someone who doesn't drive my options are limited. I live in the middle of a residential neighborhood close to a school, library, and 2 major roads, a highway, and an industrial district. walking anywhere takes time, and much of the bars here are dives or ethnic. If i want to go clubbing, I have to make plans to stay at someones place after or eat a cab fee. The only thing that makes living here some what worth it is the access to the light-rail.
I don't drive, so I haven't fully explored the area surrounding my neighborhood. But, there is an interesting shopping district a short bus ride away that is within a Vietnamese neighborhood. Very good food and economic. Living close to the light-rail has also opened up most of Denver to me, though my immediate area is sorely lacking in cafe's and notable shops. Shopping for groceries is a trip for me, and the closest grocery store is geared towards the Latin population and I'm unfamiliar with most of the products.
Corporations suck and Self owned are awesome!
Most Employers are rude, but Employees understand people.