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You have to be very determined and persistent in order to find work
They open a new fast food place its alright
The weather is very bi polar but its okay. Youll just get use too it.
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There is no parks like its very horrible. I wish there was a park.
I feel like they try there best to make Nashville to there best.
Its nice because they have cook outs and great oppertunity for kids.
I would not live there because i dont like ghetto people. I want to be a young educated women.
The ouside is very bad but the inside look pretty nice.
There are a few commuttiy centers. Where they help people and kids like me with there homework.
The best one is the Fast food place thats very close to my house
There is a bus stop like two blocks away from the main road.
Its use to be a drug dealer place but the police come there everyday. Now they really dont come
They dont have no near by parks to go and excersie. I strongly wish i had some where to work out .
They make you send them appcation and then dont give you the job.
The people who lived are vey quite and they dont brother nobody. Its just a very poor setting