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I love the community here. Great neighbors, and beautiful diversity. Lots of trees, flowers and community gardens. I would like a better supermarket.
First, the negatives:

1. The commercial corridor could use an economic shot in the arm. It seems like every storefront has those metal, roll-down walls to prevent break-ins.

2. There is a noticeable amount of litter on the avenue near the Chelten intersection.

3. There seem to be a number of vacant lots or abandoned properties along the Avenue and on Chelten.

Now, the positives:

1. The architecture. There are pockets of Germantown, West Central and beyond, that are absolutely stunning. The homes in West Central in particular are collection of beautiful fortresses.

2. Public transportation. A number of bus lines crisscross the area, on Walnut Lane in particular. And most addresses here are a 10-min or less walk from both Tulpehocken Station and Germantown Station.

3. The greenery. If you are looking a bucolic retreat in the city, you can't beat the Northwest.

4. The scale. It's rare to find lots this large in a community with a Walkscore in the mid to high 80's.
Not too much crime happens around here
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The atmosphere is ok but I wouldn't live here again
I personally have not had any encounter's with police or need for to encounter them.
I absolutely love living in Philadelphia, while it is not perfect, it has so much character and history, it is hard not to love.
I've lived in my area, my whole life, while moving around different parts of it. There were nice parts, and not-so-nice parts. However, in every part there was life. People were both happy, and sad, and every other emotion. The area itself could be improved as far as littering at least but most of the issues are due to the people that live here. all that aside, I wouldn't choose anywhere else to live. I know this place. To choose somewhere else to live, would be based off a visit, if that much. Other locations have different problems that you have to find ways to deal with. My areas problems, I have my ways of dealing with them. Thus I can handle it here, rather then choosing somewhere else. It's not the best place, but it isn't the worst either. It's simply ok.