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i raised my children in Cambridge its very rewarding living here. My children are college graduates now its tine fie me the community environments are nice.people are friendly
I love living in Cambridge its a great city with great resources.
I've never personally felt unsafe in Harvard Square. There are police when you need them, but for the most part this is a very safe place to live.
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The Cambridge area is one of the best places to live for the up-and-coming millennial. Harvard Square offers great transportation, food options, and nightlife. There is always something to do.
The employment in this area definitely ranges. There will be a few places hiring at a time, but if you're not what the store/restaurant/company is looking for at the moment, then you won't get the job, which is disappointing. There are a few pizza shops around, CVS, a few burger places, restaurants, and then some clothing stores and that's where a lot of people around here work. Especially Starbucks because there are a lot in this area.
Immediate dissemination of news by all manners of communication whenever a crime occurs. Overall feel very safe.
Desirable, expensive, old needing remodelling
Hard to get in but once in OK fro a while. Risk remains purposefully rampant. School of hard knocks.
narrow selection, no excitement.

some fun mom and pop shops

nowhere to intermingle
Brutal winter, hot and humid summers
Schools and cultural/historical destinations are usually the biggest draws for visitors
Wonderful, helpful community of people from all walks of life!
Wonderful city - love everything about it (save for the weather)
'Transient' community due to high student population, but very close-knit during the short time that people dwell here
Diverse selection of ethnic and local restaurants
Great facilities but at a cost
Great for such a densely populated city
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Okay for a campus town. High cost of housing but costs decrease as proximity to campus decreases
Safe for the most part - law enforcement are on the ball
Good selection but often at the cost of higher prices as compared to less urban cities / non-college towns