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we have crimes on the side of town, but thank God he keeps us safe so I really can't complain.
I do not see a future for this area or a future that I'm in, once I start school I will move out with God's help.
There really isn't that much crime around. Only small things that usually get taken care of pretty fast. I always feel safe everywhere I go. Of course it is the city and there are some sketchy people.
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It is basically in the city. I am personally not a fan of the city. I would rather have more space. There seems to be too many people. However overall there is a lot of things to do around here. Lots of shopping and restaurants. I just would rather there be less people.
It's great, i would recommend it to any one looking for a nice and quiet area.
This area is fairly quiet. No crime. Easy access to all the roads. New renovated intersections. Plenty of room. Stores and leisure are very close.
I just love where i'm from and grew up.
Although living in the city limits has its disadvantages I would definitely choose to live her again. The community itself is overall a great community. It is a good mix of city and country living. It is right outside the larger city limits and you can access anything in a matter of minutes
not alot of natural disasters
its okay, could be better
Lots of people work local jobs, but not all of them have jobs they enjoy or want.
winds can be strong buts its weather
their okay they're nothing special
the employment is going down but theres still jobs out there
Columbus is 15 minutes away and houses some of the most diverse, one of a kind, affordable restaurants in Columbus.
The quality of the businesses here seems to be consistently better than our neighboring city Columbus. I would prefer more mom and pop shops versus chain restaurants.
It seems that most of the jobs in the area are lower paying jobs while the higher paying jobs require a degree or equivalent experience.