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I've lived in this neighborhood for almost 17 years the street I live on is very safe I'm close to the hospital which is great this neighborhood has lovely restaurants like Panini Grill, Cafe Milano and others. The people in this neighborhood are very friendly . We have some lovely parks Clove Lakes Park ,Silver Lakes Park and Walker Park just to name a few. it's also close to the Staten Island Ferry and just arrived on the 44 bus to the Staten Island Mall. The schools in this neighborhood a very safe but I would have to say if you don't have to send your kid to PS 18 then don't that's only from experience they have done a lot with that school but just the area I'm not too fond about.
Many of the houses look similar in structure but there are some odd ball ones out here. None of the houses are abandoned because it is such a popular neighborhood because at times when neighbors decide to sell their house, there is usually a buyer ready to move in imminently.
The neighborhood is really peaceful and friendly here. Everybody respects each other and it is nice to greet each other often. Many of our neighbors are grandparents and have grown up in the neighborhood since they were children. It is such a welcoming community.
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Pretty safe little things here and there
I love the area and how kid friendly it is
My neighborhood usually does not have much crime as it is usually quiet down the streets. However, there are some teenagers who do at times make ruckus outside of the neighborhood that may appear disruptive to our neighborhoods. This is the only complaint as crime is rare in our neighborhood and I usually feel that I am safe in such a neighborhood.
My neighborhood is the most peaceful and suburban environment I have stayed at. There are a wide variety of restaurants down the block and everything that from restaurants to plazas are located down the street. Additionally, my house resides in the corner of the neighborhood and it is the perfect location to view the sunrise and sunset each day. This is definitely considered a perfect neighborhood since it is right next to our incredible zoo and up the block, it is convenient to be able to get membership at the Y.M.C.A.
It would be the worst without the police. Too many people still get killed though, not to mention that petty crimes aren't even considered crimes anymore.
It had been a quiet street in the midst of the violent surroundings until the two vacancies were taken residence by squatters. The area is niwhere near as friendly or safe as it used to be and the police have started to come by very often.
its a great place to live and raise a family. very nice
I've been living on this block pretty much my whole life. The people in this area are generally nice and look out for each other. If I had a choice, I'd probably live here again because it's a neighborhood that I've grown to love. I guess it's an average neighborhood composed of all different kinds of people. It seems as if everyone gets along and it's an environment where I've felt safe since I was a little kid.