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I love living in the Randolph-Robertson neighborhood, on the west bench. There are so many amazing ethnic restaurants, and many other amenities. We need more coffee shops though!
This neighborhood feels very safe and family oriented. There doesn't seem to be any suspicious are shady activity going on regularly. Of course there are times when I've been a little cautious going outside at night, but in general, it's a very safe place to live. As long as I've lived here, the people in my neighborhood have been very friendly and nice to me. What I would like to see change is more involvement from everyone with keeping the neighborhood looking nice. I think we can build a stronger, more tightly-nit community.
The only negative when it comes to any crime in my neighborhood is that I think a bike was stolen once eight years ago. Since then, there hasn't been anything else that I know of.
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I grew up in the neighborhood and mostly it's been older couples, but lately there have been more young families moving in. There were a couple of years where there were two rentals that had less than savory characters living there, but those have since been changed. There isn't a homeowners association, which I prefer, since it is an older neighborhood so there are no neighborhood activities or what not. The high school is one of the top in the nation but the elementary and junior high are on the lower end of the spectrum. Despite this, I love the neighborhood I grew up in.
The crime is relatively alright. We don't get the police called in our area too often but once in a while some crime will happen.
This area is alright to live in, it's cheaper than any other place in the city. It's inexpensive because there are halfway-homes in our neighborhood where people with a criminal record reside.
Boise is a place that I feel very safe place to be and live.
I would absolutely live here again if I had to do it all over again.
Boise is the perfect places for finding a balance for Outdoors and the City. Easy access to the the amenities of city life but all the great parts of nature and the outdoors are 10 feet out your front door.
There is a wide variety of housing in the area, with a wide variety of different housing options; apartments, town houses, homes with no yard, and mansions.
People in Boise/Idaho don't lock their cars or houses, its thats safe.
"If you don't like the weather in Boise, wait 10 minutes and it will change." I love all that Boise has four seasons.
There are many local and well-known restaurants and bars in town that are both family friendly and 21+. The nightlife options are not a great though.
Often young people do not have opportunities or the openings for jobs. It is hard for people to find a job in this area yet it seems like many people are moving to this area for work, in higher levels and positions.
The local businesses in the area are all very personable and nice, the employees are helpful and the stores usually have what or the knowledge of where you can find them.
There are jobs they are just not very east to find.
Police patrol the area regularly.
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Utility costs are relatively low. Very few vacant properties. Area tends to be well maintained
There are jobs available but they are not always easy to find
a lot of people go to the gym to work out and have the access to a work out facility, even by walking there. hospitals are close and very convenient, and I myself walk places or jog every so often.