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My living experiences are awesome.
Bellevue is a generally safe location, and the community is very willing to help out. The law enforcement is effective and reasonable, and crime rates are quite low. Police are not necessarily everywhere, and they're in areas that have the most traffic, while not being imposing. I do not have any concerns here and even feel quite safe as a young female going out with friends at night in this city.
I moved to Washington about 2 years ago and the general atmosphere is so friendly and liberal. Bellevue is very close to Seattle, while still maintaining a quaint and organized urban environment that continues to flourish. It has a great selection of foods from different cultures and the facilities are wonderful. The public transportation system is also very reliable and well-structured. The quality of life here is overall excellent, but it comes with a high price, especially for higher end luxuries. It is hard to find reasonably cheap housing here but the job opportunities and employment rate allow slightly make up for the cost of living. I would definitely consider living here again, if not staying here for a long while.
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I had no complains about outdoor activities.
There hasnt been very dramatic crimes in my neighborhood.
The library, parks etc. are the best. If there is a problem physically within a neighborhood it will get fixed in at least 24 hours.
The weather is really the best. It has 4 seasons annually, and the summers here have the best temperature.
Because I live in the center of big corporate jobs such as Starbucks, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Amazon and much more, the headquarters here allow people to find good pay jobs.
Many people come to my neighborhood for dinner, lunch, breakfast and late night outings.
There are many boutiques that are run by family owners as well as large chains you can find across the nation and the world.