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The school system here is great and I do like living her but I would like to experince living in New York more because New York interests me the most.
Its not a bad survey.
There isn't that much crime, but police are focusing their efforts incorrectly.
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The Beaverton police is pretty bad, but it's good besides that.
It's the best, as long as you don't mind a fair amount of rain.
In the neighborhood that I live in, it's mostly retired people.
It's pretty great, but it would be a better bet to just go to PDX.
There are a lot of local businesses in the area and for the most part, they're great.
There needs to be more local businesses in the area. Everything is a big named business (which isn't a bad thing) but there is no originality or creativity anymore. It's can be dull and the same. The city's culture can get lost in such capitalism.
Beaverton is a safe place. Of course I have to look over my shoulder at night and when I'm by myself because I am a woman but that unsafe feeling would be in most places. We hardly have any crime that we see in town or on the news.
Within my personal experiences finding a minimum wage job being a young, white-woman, has not been too difficult in my suburban hometown. Although I know it isn't like that for everyone. There isn't a lot of "work your way to a financially better life" type work. It's mostly just food and mall work.
The houses are primarily owner occupied and the majority are kept up, with a couple of exceptions. There are no vacant or abandoned properties. I feel strongly that the housing has become far too expensive in relation to average salaries.
Summer is amazing. However, due to rain, fall, winter and spring can be really wet making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors and also isolating neighbors. We tend to talk more when the weather is nice and we are in our yards.
Due to the taxes and the lack of a cohesive plan, I don't think I would choose Beaverton again. We moved here from Los Gatos, CA 24 years ago and at the time I thought Beaverton was quaint and had a lot of potential. If there had been a real focus on the downtown area, it could had become a wonderful community focal point. There are charming older homes that surround the library area, but many of them are not kept up and are falling apart. These could be fixed up and the downtown area a hub of quaint eateries with outdoor seating and art galleries and people who make and sell unique items. If the homes were kept up, I believe they would attract people who would be interested in walking from their home to the these facilities, fostering an even closer community feel. Instead, there was always confusion on where the focal point should be, pushing toward the round, which is probably never going to work. The city planners should take another look at what Beaverton could be and how to make it really special.
The economic diversity in the area is significant. There are some people who live in million dollar homes and some who aren't sure how to afford their next meal. I don't remember ever seeing this much extreme in one area before. There is a significant representation of various ethnicity as well. I can't speak for the happiness of the people in the city as a whole, but within the area I live, work and frequent, most people are fairly happy.
There are walking and bike paths that make it very safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. There are also numerous crosswalks and most drivers are very courteous to pedestrians and bicyclists.
I sometimes feel that the local representatives are much more interested in generating revenue than serving the public. I am also not satisfied with the decisions that are made on how to spend money that is generated through bonds and tax levies.
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The people in my immediate neighborhood are kind and friendly. They have all lived in the area 10 or more years. While we don't have any group neighborhood activities, we do converse if we are at the mail box at the same time, etc. We all know each other's children's names, pets, etc.
There are numerous gyms in the area and the abundance of parks, walking and bike paths allow people to run, walk and cycle safely. There are always people out enjoying these activities in the neighborhood.
Our particular neighborhood is very safe.