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It's close to surrounding cities, like Stanton, Cypress, Buena Park, Cerritos, etc. and is a close drive (15 min) to Westminster and Garden Grove for food! Although it may look kind of scary to live in at times, its a very simple place. Grew up here most of my life.
West Anaheim is a comfortable area to reside in. The only issue that's going on is the increase In homeless people. They take over our parks and set up camp.
Could be better, not always safe at night
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The place is nice enough to live with some comfort
It's not the worst, but it can use some improvement. Here in Anaheim, there are constantly helicopters roaming around and once in a while, they will be in search for a criminal here in our area. It's quite scary
I feel like there is plenty to do, but it is very crowded. It's also not in the best conditions, a lot of roads need cleaning etc. Overall, it's a good place to live.
Based on the area I live in, the neighbors are friendly. Since my house is located on a popular street, I tend to hear police cars at least once a day. Sometimes, I hear helicopters during the day and night which is great because they're doing their best to protect my area from any criminals.
I enjoy living in this area. It is filled with respectful and optimistic people. I've been living in this neighborhood for almost two years and thankfully nothing bad has happened. Compared to everywhere else in the country, this area has excellent weather and nearby stores.
In the general area of where I reside, crime and safety is not necessarily an issue.
Housing is easily available, but it is not always affordable. Every year, at least in the apartment complex I live in, the rent is brought up each year the day after New Years. Places also get easily worn down.
The community provides a lot of places to go around the area in terms of food and variety of food choices. There's not a big sense of community though as most people don't know their neighbors. With Disneyland not being very far, that's pretty much where most of the community comes together.
In my general area, crime and safety isn't a big concern. However, overall in the city of Anaheim, it is a little scary for some individuals because of graffiti, shootings, and racers on the road.
The sense of community here is just alright not many people are up to talking to you if they don't already know who you are. Most people tend to live their whole lives in this area of Anaheim, CA.
some of the people in the area are to be desired very little.
no concerns, rarely notice crime
City is great, could only get better from here.
As of recently it seems as though criminal activity is on a small rise. It feels like police helicopters pass a little more often than usual, however I feel that the police do their job well and handle the situations well.
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The area that I live in is great. Residential area is quiet and neighbors are friendly, everything like the super market and gas stations are near by so you don't have drive far. There is an elementary, middle school, and high school less than fifteen minutes away. Overall this area is great.
The only true crime I have knowledge of in my neighborhood would be auto break-ins. I, unfortunately, was a victim of this crime. When my car was broken into, the thieves stole my GPS Navigational device. The police officers, however, responded quickly and wrote down my statement.
I love my neighborhood and if I had the chance to live her again, I would. The neighbors are friendly and welcoming and are willing to help each other when in need. My car was broken into two days after I had gotten my license. Roger, my neighbor from across the street, saw me frantically searching my car and came over to help. Not only did he calm my nerves, he also waited until the police arrived and helped me complete an official statement since I did not know how to do one beforehand. His kindness and compassion helped me see the true good in my neighborhood.