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Charlotte is a great city- I believe that there is a large gap between the conservative and liberal citizens and that these gaps create political tension in the city. If we could create a more moderate local government, many issues between these gaps of citizens could be resolved.
There are many parks full of beautiful scenery, and they are well-maintained.
You receive all seasons in Charlotte. Often times it skips Spring and goes straight into summer. This has caused a drought before in the area, due to lack of rainfall.
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There are many restaurant options in the Charlotte area! You can enjoy cheap but quality food, or pay a lot for the atmosphere and fine dining
When there was a big boom in the banking industry, banking was a great place of revenue for a lot of people- especially Bank of America. But overall it is relatively easy for someone to find a job, it is the pay that is of the biggest concern.
In the Southern part of Charlotte, there are many grocer stores so that is great convenience. Also there are two malls within close proximity and allow for great dining and night life.
Great in spring and fall. Crazy up and down during the winter
It's not a tourist trap at all. People live here, not visit
Big houses, tons of new ones. Everyone wants to move here
Everybody is really nice and really happy... would highly recommend
South Charlotte is one of the best places in the whole country for jobs right now
Not too many people use public transportation. Bike riders are a pain to deal with
We had 2 great mayors (McCrory and Fox) but our last one (Cannon) was convicted on numerous felonies so...
The greenway is a huge deal here
Tons of options. Lots of big name companies
It's a very per friendly area. It has a good Southern Charm. People are nice to each other unlike the Northeast
You hardly hear of any crime. Ever now and again maybe a house robbery, not too much though
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A lot of big name companies. Not a whole lot of mom and pop shops. Bad Daddy's Burgers is a local point that's REALLY good