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I was born and raised in the area, moved away and came back as an adult.
Occasional shootings (but where doesn't have them?). Don't hear too much about break in's.
I was born and raised in this Neighborhood, moved away for a few years and came back. A lot has changed, but still my choice to raise my own.
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Not seen any crime so far. If there is anything wrong polices shows up.
Very peaceful, no crime, good schools and libraries
Houses are pretty much well kept, some have their own yards while others just have small narrow driveway or none at all. There is street parking for most of us even though some streets only allow for one sided parking or limited parking on your own street. The homes are two to three floors, single to six family or condos and townhouses, as well as homes that have been renovated as business's which takes away from the people needing homes. It is a problem during snow emergencies and street cleaning days to have to find a parking spot due to limited spots near you even if your handicapped like me. People do keep up the maintenance of their own properties yet there are always a few who tend to let things go from time to time. There are no known abandoned car allowed around Cambridge or surrounding areas, if there where they would be picked up and towed to in-pound lots.
I have no opinion on the politics in this city, politics does not interest me at this point because I do not trust any one to do the job they claim they want to do once elected into there positions.
Are police are on top of any problems that arise, we have had some small insidences and they were worked out with little if know after effects.
We have Four Seasons, Winter has been pretty great until the last two winter which we have seen bad snow storms. The snow storms have not impacted this town from clearing out the snow and continuing on with classes and business that much. Springs are slow in coming as of late but it also has a hard time leaving during the summer months, so is the summer months which does not recede until late fall. Our fall are spectacular, with the leaves changing colors, to the warm weather, the winter harvest and events that are scheduled around these seasons are mostly never changed. Are weather is mostly a set pattern of season that never really surprises it's residents much or hits our history books to often as unpredictable. When they say April showers bring May Flowers it is right on point, we are right now experiencing those April Showers, in like a Lion out like a Lamb.
I cannot comment on the drinks because I do not drink, but we do have some pretty great smoothie places. Night life is basically Middle Eastern with a Restaurant/nightclub/concert hall, and then my favorite place is Ryles Jazz club across from its counter part the famous S&S Deli restaurant. Ryles has great food I assume drinks are great as well if I go by my group of friends ordering with me. In Davis Square there is Johnny D's Jazz club as well, and it has the best performances, as well as a dance floor made to order after the show begins around 9:00pm. Cambridge is full of night life in the Square area's and even up the street from me, there are some interesting bars such as the Druid bar, which I have not been in as of yet but its looks and sounds quit intriguing from what I can hear as I pass by.
This is basically a School town, with that I would say jobs are possible to obtain through the universities,and City Hall. If you plan to open up your own business than I say there are plenty of opportunities for you here. My Own School offers self starters in their owned buildings, and in my field of Holistic alternatives Cambridge is opening up to possible job opportunity in this field. We have a couple of Bio labs which are looking for applicants continuously from time to time, which advancement seems to be the reason for this opportunity. Clothing stores have a turnover consistency way to often to count, as well as different chain Restaurants like Wendy's, Burger King, Subway and Kentucky Fried Chicken which Cambridge feels has no place here with it's residence wanting more healthier choices and verity working with its local farmers, private and public gardeners.
We are surrounded by many different shops, salons, grocery stores, Pizza places, Indian restaurants, etc. We are not far from the main shopping area for Cambridge that is Central Square and Kendall square as well as Harvard Square. Though the prices are high now than they were when we first moved here and the business's have changed hands many times. We have also lost business and family owned ones in the last couple of years. The area has become more non family structured than it was in the past years and more student needs verses family necessity. Our biggest company store that is accessed frequently is The family Dollar with it's many choices at almost-low prices if it was not for the fact they have gone up closely to the supermarket costs for a good deal of their items. Our Restaurants are pretty good but not great were we are specifically, we have an Indian, Japanese, Korean, Moroccan, Brazilian, and Italian restaurants near by, there is also a Vegan menu oriented one just a street over from my home. The neighborhood is basically quite in the evenings after the end of the day business traffic has died down.
The city cleans the street quicker than any of its surrounds neighbors during snow emergencies to rain storms with down power to trees.
Are City spongers allot of events in and around the city all the time with celebrations for ethnic pride, to dances, carnivals, and street vending events.
Cambridge residents welcome everyone from all backgrounds and are very friendly people, and yes we do get the occasional odd prejudice person who moves in knowing it's divers but still causes trouble.
There is a strong turn over for some because they are students, but it still has it's family staying power from generations of residents like my own family.
I love my area, it is the oldest part of Cambridge and I live right across from where my Great great Grand parents settled in the late 1800's. I feel safe and secure for the first time in my life as I have never felt this way any were else I have lived, since I have moved around allot in my childhood.
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Health is a main priority for most in cambridge, they help with programs, and the offering of rental bikes. For one day out of the week on Sunday's in the summer they block off memorial Drive for biker, walker, skaters,etc. for what ever you'd like to do.
The police department is near by and the Crime rate is rare but mostly far up my street a couple of blocks away. The lighting is alright for most street and the side walks are safe, but still always walk with someone, we do get out side visitors. The city maintains its lights and street every day, Street cleaning once a month with posted signs from April 1, til December 31.
My area, every house is close together, some have drive ways while other have to park on the streets and some even have garages. As for lawns, it hard to find a lawn in Cambridge unless you enter the rich neighborhoods with gates and fences. Other wise Cambridge residents take care of there properties very well, maintain there homes and there sidewalks as well as they can. This is a clean city and they keep it us to the best of its abilities.