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cime often comes to those gang related so if your arent you are good.
it depends on what you put yourself in. if you mind your business you are likely to be fine
In my area most of the time things are somewhat peaceful but one will find large groups of people on the corners most of the time during the day and late evenings. In different times of the year, mostly around the winter, people often get robbed.
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If I can change the area I live in I would. My area is not bad but its not somewhere I would want to be at for the rest of my life.
There are plenty of food places in my area. Also the food served is really good and also very diverse.
Some people are friendly and some aren't but I'm pretty sure it's like that in other areas in the state. It's not one certain place where everyone is just friendly all the time. There are times where people have their days.
state reps and the governor could be present a little more in my area to discuss some issues going on.
They have a lot of decent houses in my area. But also there are a number of vacant houses as well.
sometimes families tend to stay in this area for a pretty long time until they can find another place with better living environments.
Not a lot of jobs available for people in my area.
The crime in my area is pretty bad. I say this plenty of people have been getting shot around my neighborhood lately.
It's plenty of local businesses in my area.
It's not like it's homemade
The community need a little more unity
They'll think others are looking for trouble
Not a care in the world
Taxes are still going up, why?
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A lot of the people walk around looking very angry
They need to pick up a little
It's on a daily basis