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Living in Wedgwood is quite good. The local stores and restaurants are nice and well-priced, and the neighborhoods are safe.
The Wedgwood community/neighborhood is very welcoming. I've been apart of this community for 17 years and I have yet to be disappointed. Everyone is so nice.
Wedgwood is a great neighborhood to live in. It is close to the interstate, and in a convenient location to get many places around Seattle. If you like to stay in the neighborhood, there is everything you need. Library, grocery stores, pharmacy, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, banks and more are all located in Wedgwood.
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My daughter and I have loved living here. Her middle and high school years were great and we were always met with helpfulness and kindness. We have been here 8 years (coming from NYC!). There has always been lots to do, parks to visit, close-by grocery shopping, neighbors and dogs to greet us. I really don't think there is a median age as people range from infancy to age 100. That's what makes this area so wonderful. It has gotten crowded over the years and traffic can be a hindrance. But we deal with it. You must be patient!
Great walkable neighborhood with banks, grocery, drug store, coffee shops, hair, nail salon, restaurants, . Unfortunately, lots of break-ins in the neighborhood.
Overall, the housing in this community is above average for Seattle. Homes are not commonly abandoned or left in disrepair, and housing is affordable compared to other Seattle neighborhoods like Capitol Hill or South Lake Union. Apartments can still be pricey in the neighborhood though, as there is a university closeby and thus this is a high-demand area to live in.
I really like this neighborhood. Everyone is very polite and nice to each other, and I know quite a few people in this neighborhood who work in the same hospital as I do. Everyone who I have talked with who has lived here for an even longer time than myself all love the area. People are very pet-friendly, and families are common. The neighborhood has a lot of college students, but most of them are very respectful and studious. It's been great living here! The only problem I have is the cost -- while it's affordable for people who work full-time, it's hard for people like myself and my wife to afford a nice home. Apartments are slightly pricey in the area, but you get a lot of bang for your buck compared to other desirable communities (like Capitol Hill or South Lake Union).
I've never lived anywhere else but I love it here. The people are friendly, the prices are really good, and there are a variety of places to purchase anything you need.
There are more apartments than houses and they are all pretty expensive
A lot of the people in the area exercise and eat healthy foods.
Crime in the area has increased and the community is working on lowering the crime rates
People think it rains more in Seattle than it actually does. The winter weather rarely goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summer in rarely even gets close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The spring and summer weather is cool, blue skies and amazing!
The food is amazing in this city! There is Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Ethiopian, Japanese, Thai, German, Polish, and way more! There is also a lot of night life like hookah, clubs, and city tours.
I know that right now, the job market is growing with large companies moving into the area and mass expansion projects.
The weather in the summer is unbelievable but it rains so much that sometimes the sun doesn't make up for the constant gloominess.
I do not like my neighborhood but others are good.
The housing here is very unique for the individual, many houses are beautifully maintained and landscaped perfectly. Its common to see an abundance of flora in everyone's garden!
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The companies that have started here are excellent! For people in the tech industry especially, this is the place to be. The minimum wage here is very agreeable, and offsets some of the costs associated with the town.
The local businesses in the area are very close with the community, many of them help with the local events. Everyone who lives in the area has at some point been to all of the businesses, and the relationship between them and the community is very positive.

The grocery store, although part of a chain, feels very small town-y and cute. The same goes with the local pub and even real estate store. Next to the pub is the dance school, where many members of the community take their kids/participate themselves.