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This is probably one of if not the safest area in the country. The biggest threat we may every face is some flooding, but never anything severe.
Charlotte has a variety of options for night life. There is an abundance of restaurants and bars in the Charlotte uptown and surrounding metro area and everything has its own unique charm. The big thing about this area is local, everything for the most part is in-house from the brew selection to the live music selections. There are all types of food and beer festivals that take place throughout the year, one of the most recognized being "Taste of Charlotte" which features manu samples from many local restaurants in the Charlotte area.
We have several gyms and the aquatic center as well as YMCA convient. There are quite of few folks to exercise on the regular in this area
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There is plenty of outdoor activities available within a 30-40 mile radius. Lots of water sports
we could use extended sidewalks on the main street
Public service in our area seems to be above average
We live in a family friendly fairly safe neighborhood. Neighbors look out for each other
I do not follow political parties.
My wonderful neighborhood has beautiful upkept houses and lawns.
Other people driving on the road are the most dangerous in my area.
We get a little bit of everything every now and then.
Favorite dish is chimichanga from Chico's. Great taste!
Multiple job opportunities but not the best managers.
Chico's a Mexican restaurant has great customer service and food!
The area or neighborhood I live in is pretty safe but like all there is some problems. Some of it comes from other nearby neighborhoods.
The Charlotte jobless rate continues to go down and more people are able to now get jobs. I do not know to much about the market since I am pursuing education to get the career I want.
I live in an area that has just about everything you could ever need all within 5 miles. There is a mall with anchor stores like Macy's as well as many places to eat of all price ranges. There is also a Super Target, Lowe's and Best Buy as well as many other retails of all sizes.
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Our area has all the four seasons making it a wonderful area to live for weather
We have a variety of different shopping options
I live in a fairly nice neighborhood. The homeowners take pride in our homes. It could be because of the homeowners association