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Webb Chapel is a terrible place. Some nights you'll hear gunshots outside and the safety here is terrible.
If I could give this neighborhood 0 stars I would. This area of Dallas has become very dangerous through out the years! I have lived in this area since I was a baby and as the years go by it gets worse. There is a lot of overcrowding because rent has become extremely expensive and some of the housing in this area is not that great. Crime in this area ranges from theft-murder-drug dealing etc. Young Children see all the crime so they grow up thinking its OK, the schools in the neighborhood are not that great they rank the lowest percentile.
There are police who drive around often and there is very low crime rate.
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It is a great location with a lot of convenient walking places. There is also great public transportation.
I like Dallas because it is a very diverse city .The dive between the poor and great is hardly noticeably within each neighborhood.However I wish political representatives were a bit more open minded and support women and other minorities more.
I've lived here my whole life
There is many space for pedestrians/bicyclists, many people actually walk themselves and their pets basically everyday. It will better and safer if driveways were big enough so that not so many cars can be on the road. In cases for public transportation, the local bus stop is located on the corner of the street that intersects with the bigger street.