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Sometimes it's a dangerous place to stay despite campus propaganda saying otherwise. Decent nightlife, a good amount of campus activities during week days banker hours.

Otherwise there's pretty much nothing going on during weekends and its a bit of a ghost town.
I love how mid-town is set up, there never a dull moment. Wayne State is enrich with culture, and diversity. The people there are very friendly. Wayne State is Michigan top three school, and it one of the safest school in Michigan, thanks to all of Wayne State staff, and police officer.
Because I have moved to Detroit as of recently, I am rather unsure of the crime and safety in this particular area that I live in. I live on campus in the city so it is relatively safe with campus enforcement maintaining presence in and throughout campus regularly.
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So far I really enjoy the area that I am living in. I am in the center of Detroit attending a great university. I may just be biased, but I love the city of Detroit and always have. It may have a negative history when it comes to education, homelessness, and crime but I have strived and will continue to strive to find the best in this city. It has more to offer than many people may believe. It is becoming more eccentric and a popular place for students to catch a baseball game, football game, nice dinner, or jog along the river. As more people move into the city, it is becoming a place that is more inviting, safe, and diverse. I am very happy with my decision to move here. It has been nothing but a smooth transition moving from Chicago to Detroit in the past year. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful city.
I use the university police as I live right accros from the university. The university police are more visible than the city police, answers call right away and knows the area. As for the city police you never now when you are ever going to see them once you make the call it could be hours before they show up and since they never seemed to be around how well do they know their city blocks anyway.
Its okay to live where I do it is not the worst and it is not the best. As compared to everywhere else in the country it is considered mediocre. The local government is trying to change the atmosphere from a negative attitude to a positive attitude so peoplewill come and enjoy the city.