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The spring and summer have been absolutely gorgeous. The winter was harsh, and snow removal was mostly effective, but there were times when roads were not clear.
There are a lot of options, and some great mom and pop restaurants. A nice local feel in my area.
There is a decent bus system. The buses don't always run on time, but they are fairly frequent. Unfortunately, they stop pretty early at night. The roads are maintained terribly - there are tons of potholes and it seems like they just get patched every year, rather than replacing the road itself. Drivers are a bit unpredictable, which is scary to bicyclists, but they tend to be aware of pedestrians.
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There are tons of families and pets here. People are out enjoying the area as long as the weather is good. It seems like a good place to settle.
The roads are notoriously terrible. The pot holes are out of control, and there are frequently sidewalks in need of repair. I think police and fire are present enough. Rhode Island has a reputation for being corrupt, but I haven't encountered it personally.
The houses near me are beautiful and very well maintained. The ratio of cost to space is favorable. Outside of this immediate area, the quality of housing decreases a little, but the rents also decrease proportionally.
I love it here, but don't know about city stats.
I see people running and shopping for healthy food
Not a lot of 24 hr resources, but otherwise good.
People are very friendly. Not very diverse.
Beautiful, accessible, seemingly clean shorelines.
I feel safe when walking at night.