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Watts neighborhood has some good days and some bad days. The good days consist of a calm, sunny day and no accidents. The bad days usually consist car accidents, closed areas, and loud parties. Watts is mostly made up of African Americans and Hispanics.
Watts isn't a good place to live in nor is it bad, it's okay, well for me because i have always lived there, there is nothing new i'm already use to it. The stuff i would like to change is maybe how clean it is there besides that everything is fine how its is.
Recently I got accepted to college, many people I have met were shocked that I am from watts, they always ask me, "Watts? I've heard a lot of ghetto things. How dangerous is it?" It honestly offends me that people think low of me because of the place I come from or that they think so little of the place I grew up in. Watts is not perfect, but it's home. Sadly our community can't receive nice things because people do not know how to take care of them. For example, someone created some lime bikes for everyone to use as a form of transportation, as long as you pay the fare that is. But every here and there I see those bikes torn apart, parts stolen. Why must my community destroy what is given to us? Why must people rob and steal? If we behaved better people would not look down at us, but I believe in Watts and I have hope that in the future important people shall rise from watts and help improve the world. I grew up here and I am not ashamed of where I come from!
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Based off my personal experience, the environment can be a mix of everything. To begin with, the community is mostly kept to themselves. Families usually do their morning routine such as attending school and work. After the day is over, everyone gets back into their homes unless the singing ice cream truck passes by luring kids out and pressuring parents to buy Hot Cheetos for a couple bucks. Usually on the weekends, the neighbors blast hip hop or Hispanic music which makes them feel alive. In addition, there has been times where it felt unsafe due to gang activity, a couple lock downs (crazily funny right?), and an attempted robbery I experienced. It isn't as bad anymore because one learns to adapt and survive. Despite all that, we have friendly, matured neighbors who one can converse with. We also have righteous families who strive to improve themselves and work hard to provide for their children. It's a mysterious experience, you never know what you’re going to get.
I love the city of Watts. I believe it is one of the most underrated cities as far as sports talent, artist, entertainment and rap stars.
The police is always circulating my neighborhood. It can be scary at times. However, there is amazing people in these areas.
The people in Watts are very interesting because each have different personalities. Some people are more rude than others, but the majority are good hearted people. Watts has changed immensely because back then it used to be more violent, whereas now it has settled down and become more peaceful.
I've lived in this part of LA for most of my life and after going out and seeing other neighborhoods, Watts really isn't the best place to live. This is a high risk neighborhood with many people who feel unsafe at night.
I am happily from the city of Watts and this will always be home. I come from the Nickerson Gardens and we NEVER get the respect we deserve. Yes a lot of negative happens in my city, but they never give the positive side any light. I have seen so much unity within my community but it will never be recognized in the public eye. Coming from where I'm from you only have sports as a way out. Well that is not for me, i currently hold two degrees and am waiting to enter the nursing program. There is so much more to this city than meets the eye, there are a lot of talented and educated people who come from these very projects. The popular Kendrick Lamar and talented Sza are from the same community and everyone loves them. It doesn't matter where you come from, it matters what you make out of your own life.
I like the fact that majority of the adults are friendlier than times before. The kids are more open to accepting ideas while the community continues to improve everyday
Sadly it is not the safest place. It is an okay place to live but at the same time I do love it here.
Living in Watts is most certainly one of the most difficult aspects of my life. There is significant gang violence and very few safe havens in the entire city. There is also the issue of a large homeless community, nearly no safe parks, terrible city cleanliness, and the cost of living continues to increase even as the property value decreases. The only way that I survive is because I make it my mission to stay in college and pursue my graduate degree. But even an aspiration like that marks me as a target. Many of the people in the community feel that perusing an education or hopes of "making it out of the hood" are synonymous with feeling as though I am better than they are and several lash out at me for their misperception of my goals for my own life. It is a difficult to constantly be afraid for my safety and the safety of my family just because I want to pursue a better life for myself.
I love this neighborhood because I have been living here all my life. The people are very nice and they seem to care about you and your family.
Over all my experience in Watts has been good. The street I live in mainly consist of home owners. It is not a very diverse community, this is one of the issue I would like to see change.
There is a lot of culture within Watts. The public transportation is great especially if your constantly traveling back and forth from downtown LA for work. Gentrification is definitely working it way through Watts, and good changes have been made so far.
My experience in Watts has been a touching experience. I live in Long Beach but work in the area. One my way to work I see a lot homeless people and endless amount of trash. I work at a high school and see lots of trash outside the campus and no trash cans available on the streets. I talk to some students and ask them how they feel about trash everywhere on the streets. They said they do not like it, and they said the city does not care about them. I wanted to make a difference in their lives and the community so I started a monthly community clean up. Next month will be my third month and it’s been a successful and awaken experience for the students as well as other residents. My goal is to help Watts become a beautiful city again and make students feel loved and comfortable in their city again.
What I like about Watts is the diversity and friendliness, however, it lacks job opportunities and education programs.
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I love the restaurant Locols, the Watts Cafe, and the vendors at Ted Watkins park on Saturdays. There is a blue ribbon school in the neighborhood-Verbum Dei High School. Also, the historic Watts Towers.
The watts community can be sometimes rough. It is one of the gang invested cities of Los Angeles. There is a great art center there where the watts towers reside. Wouldn't really recommend living in that area.