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its okay .. few rough spots but I feel safe
There are a few incidents now and then, but often they are domestic violence type incidents that don't include anyone else. Rarely is there ever any serious crime, and almost never is anybody hurt.
This area has become less great since the gentrification started, however, the location is amazing; it's equidistant from about all the important places in Denver and the surrounding communities.
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no visible safety issues or concerns, police activity would be considered normal
I enjoy the general area, shopping near by along with great restaurant selections. Feel safe walking around, friendly neighborhood. I would live here again if we were able to purchase a home that's affordable, we currently have a condo. Feel safer in this area than previous town I lived in.
This area is extremely safe. Many parents are comfortable with their young children playing outside without an adult, and even when it is dark outside people feel safe going on walks.
I have lived in this area my whole life, and I genuinely think it is a great neighborhood, especially for families. I would definitely move back into this area when I am looking to settle down and have a family. It may not be the best for adults in their early 20s because there is not much in the way of a social scene, but for anyone looking for a solid home that they can see themselves in for a long time, this is a perfect area.
i would prefer to live in a place were I can see the mountains from my window other then that the apt complex is great
Could be better but definitely could be worse.
It is neither the worst, nor the best place to live. I enjoy my experience due to the fact that it is affordable. With the amount of people moving to Colorado, Denver specifically, rent is skyrocketing. We were lucky enough to find this place before that happened. Maintenance is usually on time, and thorough with their work, and the community facilities are generally clean and well taken care of. The people here aren't as warm to other people though, due to the fact that most are foreign, and are shy towards other people. Also, in the park right across the street there are usually groups of men, thug looking men, that cat call at the women, and make it uncomfortable to walk in the park. If I were to choose to live here, it would be based solely on the fact that it is affordable and that I am not looking for much at the time. This is are is okay compared to other places in the country. Fairly safe, and clean. I see this place's prices following the rest of the city's movement, and becoming very expensive to live in in the future.
there is a good mix of ages and types of professions
it is difficult to keep up with the street repairs because of the weather, but knowing that doesn't make driving any more easy.
climate change is affecting all of us and we need to be more active to care for what we have left
this is a residential neighborhood with upper-middle class single family houses, middle class, and some low-rent. not a lot of bars/drinking places
king soopers grocery is largest employer in neighborhood with two stores within 1 mile of each other
belcaro paint-lots of helpful employees to guide thru the myriad of options
The housing in my area is great. I don't have open houses for long and the neighbors that move in are long lasting.
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The area that I live in seems to very safe. No on in the apartments that I live in has ever received a felony. Also there is always people out and about so I know that if anything was to ever happen there would be witnesses.
The winters in Colorado and very cold, and with the cold weather comes icy roads. For the summers they are very hot and dry.
I live near a lot of different businesses'. There is a Panera and Jax grill here so there are not only different price ranges of food but also different types of food.