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If you want to be robbed, car jacked, offered drugs to purchase maybe even shot you need to move to Pig Town it's a wonderful place---or any place in Baltimore City lol..Please thank the idiot Mayor for her great job in office!!! The only thing that will ever fix Baltimore is 0 Tolerance ,she will never figure out to tie her own shoe.
Pigtown has a lot going for it! Commute wise you are close to Downtown, the Beltway, I-95, and Marc Camden line. A new bike share program is now in place on Washington Blvd and makes it even more accessible to hop over to neighborhoods like Federal Hill, Mt. Vernon, and Harbor East. Within the last year, Pigtown has welcomed two great new bars Pigtown Ale House, Old Major, &new Brewery. Businesses are moving in fast and are staying, new restaurants like Breaking Bread and Culinary Architecture- there are more plans for new restaurants on Washington Blvd. Within a 20-25 minute walk, you could be doing laps in Carroll Park, biking the Gwynn's Fall trail or partaking in Free Yoga on the Inner Harbor. I have had no issues staying active in this neighborhood. we lucked out and our block is amazing! There are blocks in Pigtown that still suffer from the drug trade, but there group of residents determined to make this less prevalent.
Living in Pigtown has been an overall enjoyable experience and a great value from some of the other neighborhoods in town. Pigtown is generally safe, but some blocks can be uncomfortable with building vacancies. Washington Blvd. is safe and decently lit at night. Nothing is as convenient as Pigtown commuting. Getting in and out to downtown or south is extremely easy and mess free. Parking is also nearly always available. A downside of Pigtown today is the lack of nightlife. It is a short uber away from any of the hotspots in town but there are few places to walk to. The opening of a brewery and a recent bar opening will help. Business are moving in faster than they are moving out so I can only see upside in this category.Being close to Carroll Park and Carroll Park Golf Course is a plus on the weekends. The neighborhood also has a strong civic group that pushes community activities. I have been in Pigtown for 1.5 yrs saving tons of $ and plan to stay for its inevitable renewal.
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I absolutely love it here! Its a cute little community filled with many cultures and ages. We are close to a major beltway. There are amazing small businesses and restaurants around. It's definitely a wonderful place to grow up😊
the housing around my neighboorhood has many abandon house
theres alot of death around our neiborhood because of the shooting and drugs dealling
Soemtimes when you don't get home, kids from the neighboorhood sit on the steps in frount of your home and there's alot of shooting and murder rate. There's dealers infrount of our home everey morning.