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I have worked in Washington Square West for over eight years and have lived here for one of those years. This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Philadelphia, it is so vibrant and diverse, with the Gayborhood being a component of it. Great restaurants and food options as well.
I feel fairly safe in the area and police are often seen walking around. However, I have heard of several incidents close by - most of which are robberies, (non-fatal) street attacks.
I'm not much of a city person but I feel safe in Center City Philadelphia and enjoy the many restaurants nearby.
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There is rarely every crime here. It happens but not as much as you would expect being in the big city. Police are at every corner, their walking around or standing outside of stores, so usually shoplifting isn't an issue. Also, if someone is bugging you inappropriately police officers are very good at stopping them and making them leave.
People are generally really friendly and are always willing to help out strangers whether you are lost, or you want someone to take a photo of you. It's also very safe. There's always people out and about and the neighborhood are really great, so I always feel safe and secure in big city because in other cities I feel really uneasy and unsafe. I think this city gives me a lot of opportunities to find jobs or classes to continue to improve my dance career due to all the different dance studios around the area.