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The houses are one family houses. They are nice quality, but they are almost a century old, if not ever the century. Because I live on the Cranston/ Providence city line, the Cranston section is a little nicer.
We don't have a very strong sense of community here. There are people who have lived in the neighborhood since they were children, so they still talk to each other, but that's about it. The neighborhood is very pet friendly. Almost everyone has a pet.
My parents moved me here when I was three, and I still live here. People aren't extremely friendly, but they don't bother you either.
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hpusing is affordable in RI
Providence is known for amazing food
its okay providence nd RI in general is not in the best position
There is no other place like new england! summers are amazing winter can be brutal but i would always prefer to get alll four seasons
People in this are not typically healthy. I rarely see people exercising. There are many fast food restaurants and about half the people seem to be overweight or having health problem related to health.

There are quite a number of workout facilities, sports to be involved in but people just don't seem interested.

professional health care provider are available but because everyone can easily access medical attention, the number of doctor seems minime
Foods and drinks in rhode island are good, although not so great. Many restaurants are presents as they represents different culture in rhode island.
Transportation in Rhode i sland is good. It is comfortable and, i can say, affordable to most people. It also reaches almost all the areas of the state which is convenient.
Rhode I sland is also referred to as the ocean state because of its many beaches especially the historical city of Newport with its attractive mansions.

Block island, an unspoiled island, is also an important touristic attraction especially because easily reached by ferry.

The festival like the Waterfire festival attracts many, the Roger Williams Park zoo named the finest one in New england ans the Performing of arts in providence are very appealing features of rhode island
I live in the capital of Rhode Island which is Providence. It is a somewhat lively city and culturally diverse. Most people are Hispanic from the Dominican republic or Puerto Rico, there also Haitian, people of Irish descendance as well as a considerable percentage of Africans. The diversity of culture is very obvious in the city. when you walk down the street, you hear loud spanish music playing, or when you go into food stores you find food products from everywhere that you feel blessed to be in an area so rich in variety not only of culture but also people and mind, ways of thinking.

People are also very friendly. When I first got here it creeped out that a person i don't know would care to say "hi" or "good morning' to me that sometimes i wondered what do they want? However, a friend of mine explain that's just the friendliness of the people here i understood.