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This neighborhood has many things for kids to do. There are a lot of restaurants around. Many schools are nearby. There are also many stores to shop at. Over the past years, this neighborhood hasn't been the safest to live in which is why I give a 3 out of 5 rating.
The area could be described as sort of an urban boondock. If you're in Washington Park, you either stay there or are passing through to get somewhere else. The good thing is that it's only 2-3 minutes next to the Englewood area, which is being reformed. So the property value here is going up.
It's also about 5-8 minutes from the Hyde Park & Bronzeville areas. Which are more intimate versions of downtown Chicago. There's a lot of money to spend on local business in the perimeter and there are a bunch of community events that come up.
The downside are the amount of empty lots that run across the neighborhood. The lot next to my apartment complex, used to be a large amusement park in the early 1900s. But now they've been a cover up for a string of unsolved murders involving women being dumped and burned in alley trash cans.
The Washington Park community in Chicago is being gentrified. It has beautiful restored buildings and beautiful parks, that have a wealth of black history. Washington Park houses the historical Bronzeville and Black-belt communities. Black settlers migrated to these communities when they arrived in Chicago soon after chattel slavery ended. Slowly this history, good or bad, is being deleted and won't be recognizable in years to come.
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the area is very quiet.
The crime wasn't so bad at first. The past few years has gotten worse though. Shootings are starting to become more constant and there is more gang activity around.
The neighborhood I currently live in used to be a good place to live when I first moved here. It was pretty quiet, mostly old people, and little kids lived in the neighborhood. You could actually interact with the people around you and hang around the area. But these past few years the neighborhood has slowly gotten worse. Kids can't really play out because of constant shooting and the other gang related influences around them.
The crime in this neighborhood isn't the best. I feel unsafe if i'm not on the phone with someone or if its late I dont feel comfortable walking around. The crime in my neighborhood is bad and has put my younger sister in discomfort and she is only five years old.
If I had the opportunity I would move and I wouldn't move back.
This area is up and coming. More police patrolling more business coming within the next year or so. The crime levels are the same however the presence of the police seems to slow down the violence at times
The food is great at the places I like to eat at.
The local businesses are good.
The weather is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.
The housing in this area is terrible. There is a lot of abandoned buildings and it's a lot of bad things that go on in these buildings too.
They don't have a lot of job opportunities in this area a lot of them are for over aged people.
This is a bad neighborhood. This neighborhood doesn't have any healthy options to eat, they dont have any fitness places and I have to travel to get to my destination.
Few options to choose from.
There are few options available in this area. The establishments available to choose from are of very little quality.