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Most houses are not unique; they are all pretty similar but they seem well constructed and nice. The cost of housing is pretty expensive here, but nothing like San Francisco prices.
People usually live in the same house for years. I have lived in my house for over 15 years and most of the people that were here before are still here now which is really nice and makes me safe. I just wish there was more talking between neighbors.
It is safe enough but I wish it was safer. There are many police cars around but they seem to just pull over people for no reason.
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The area is very peaceful and nice but there are not children playing outside; which is really sad.
If I had to do it all over again I would choose my same area because it is very calm and soothing. As well as a variety of stores, banks, recusants close by and a variety of job opportunities. as well as great schools.
We don't have the best teachers and everything around my area is not accessible.
Everything isn't perfect, but it's decent enough to go to.
Teaching in San lorenzo has the worst salary in all of bay area. Other jobs pay minimum wage.
I'm not familiar with crime in the area. Every now and then you'll see a police vehicle driving around the neighborhood.
The houses are old but they are well kept. No abandoned properties or vacant lots. Housing is affordable and perfect for families.
There are a variety of restaurants in my neighborhood. I feel i contribute more to my neighborhood by offering my business to these family run restaurants. The people are generally nice and welcoming. Only a couple of drugstores. They're very convenient when needed, just a quick in and out.