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The hosuing around here is good. It's the people who live in the housing.
The public services are okay in this area. There not great.
The crime in my neighborhood has been decreasing but people still act unaccordingly sometimes.
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We really do not get that much bad weather here in DC.
The food is okay near this area. We have the usual food resturaunts the others have. Places such as Mcdonalds and Burger King are peoples favorite resturaunts
The employmeny in this area is not great. Not alot of people have jobs and even housing.
In the area that I live in the local bussiness are all named brand. There's giants, DTLR subway. Everything is so close to each other
there are swiming pools within a block and senior center.
Police donot respond. Development uses them as enforecers.
Mixture condo's, single faily and row houses.
This area has little or nothing. One Corner store. No cleaners No hardware. No retail.No resturants. Its routine to travel one hour for groceries. I only eat out when out of town because there is nothing here.
its okay the safety in the neighborhood is slight
I think it needs improvement we need a system that helps others that are qualified for get jobs
its is okay needs improvement
When it comes to public service, I make sure to do my part at the nearby community centers.
We have numerous parks and open land. Throughout the summer, children of all ages are playing around and having fun. I have never heard of anyone getting hurt at a popular park.
The ethnic relation to my neighborhood is very diverse in a way. Though many people believe that only Africa-Americans live in my neighborhood, there are a few Caucasians and Mexicans that live there as well.
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There is a church by the name of Paramount that is on 4th street, a few blocks from my house, that always have block parties and food drives for the neighborhood.
There once were a numerous buildings in which were vacant but over the passed few years, they have been fixed and opened.
The businesses are well kept and they are always there for the community.