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My experience living in Washington Heights has been pretty good. I got settled here in the year 2000 with my Dad and sisters. My aunt and cousins' live only a block away from us which meant constant small gatherings during holidays and or outings together. It is a neighborhood that is referred to as "The mini Domincan Republic" because the majority of residents living here are of Dominican descent. I was blessed to meet my now best friend of 15 plus years here. Renting here is fairly cheap and the location is very convenient with your A, C and 1 trains being within walking distance. Every street is tree lined and because the neighborhood sits right above Harlem and just below the Bronx every resident is blessed to look out of their window to see the great views of either the Hudson River, Bronx and or New Jersey.
My neighborhood is becoming more and more diverse and multi-cultural. It is a large area with bounteous kinds of transportation hubs. Hence, people from all over are there. The only downside is the police do not crack down on the crack epidemic there, the drug addicts always are in front of churches and public areas, making it feel a bit unsafe.
Living near a park it is nice to see different peoples enjoying the same activities. There are a lot of dogs around. Great food, great culture , and great peoples
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I love the area, lucky to have been raised here and see it grow. Lots of nice restaurants in my area and a more affordable part of the city. There are lots of beautiful parks and a true sense of community. I know almost everyone in my neighborhood.
Washington heights is a neighborhood that is changing very fast recently. Lots of cafe's and restaurant have been opened last 2 years. The main residents of this neighborhood are Dominicans and there are so mane Spanish stores there. The safest and nicest area is by the Riverside Drive close to the Presbyterian Hospital. The area is supported by 2 train lines and they are working fine. Except of few bars by 150st most of the neighborhood is not night life friendly.
The Heights is an extremely Hispanic neighborhood, with Dominicans making up the majority, so if you are Spanish it is a pretty friendly neighborhood. It’s definitely not the safest, but most of my friends and I haven’t had too much trouble in terms of the people. Transportation and food are both really good here; the MTA can have its delays, otherwise a pretty reliable source for transit. Overall there’s not too much to be said-- Washington Heights has a very unique vibe, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it.
Washington Heights is far away from the main attractions of New York, but it is a nice area, close to the Columbia Med School Campus. It is very close to the Met Cloisters and the west side Greenway, which makes commuting by bike relatively easy (though long!). The food scene is not hip, but if you like Puerto Rican and Dominican food, this is the place for you. Not the best area for vegetarians.
I have lived here all my 32 years of life and its great. the community is definitely changing due to gentrification.
It's a very Hispanic area with a lot of Caribbean diversity both in person and in stores. There are loads of restaurants with this food and that is probably the best part.
Washington Heights - the home of the hustle. I love living in Washington heights. Everything is nearby and the culture is booming. However, because it is still manhattan I have seen gentrification begin. The buildings are all hiking up their prices so everyone leaves. It would be sad when the culture starts to dissipate since that is what Washington Heights is all about.
One thing I personally love about Washington Heights is that there is always something going on. Whether it is family friendly street fairs, music, or even individuals selling things from jewelry to even food, it is never quiet. Growing up you may here the saying "the city that never sleeps," and in comparison Washington Heights would without a doubt be, "the neighborhood that never sleeps."
Washington Heights is a great place for families, as it has trees, open spaces, and is not very congested. Over the past ten years, a number of excellent restaurants and grocery / food stores have opened. The A train makes commuting quite easy, although the distance from downtown makes the commuting time a bit long. It would be great if we could get a movie theater or a few more diverse types of stores (books, clothing).
I love my neighborhood because it is so diverse and quintessential. Everything you need you can find it in Washington Heights, from culture to fantastic food. And I love that it is very residential. All of our buildings except 4 are less than ten stories. There are so many shops that are all relatively close. Everyone in the neighborhood is friendly. Washington Heights is the best because of its diversity; you can find many different kinds of people.
I really like living in Washington Heights. Accessible via public transportation, beautiful park nearby, part of the city but feels like it's own neighborhood.
I like how Washington Heights is always buzzing. Day or night the streets are full with people looking for a place to party or eat. I would like the area to be a little safer as I have noticed unsavory characters hanging out in corners, but overall a good experience living here and not leaving anytime soon.
I have lived in Washington Heights my whole life and I love it. It has a great community with a couple great parks. What I don't like is that the city doesn't care that much about Washington Heights, so the metro stations are always run down and the elevators keep breaking.
Not very clean and not very safe at night. It is a long commute to downtown Manhattan but it is worth it for the convenience and affordability.
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Washington Heights is a vivid part of New York City that is mostly inhabited by Hispanic people from many different countries. It is very welcoming for other Hispanics as it has many parades, restaurants, meetings, and events hosted by the community.
Washington Heights is a melting pot located in New York City. It is home to the renowned George Washishington Bridge, beautiful Fort Tryon Park, and scenic Hudson River views. Walk down the street and find numerous food vendors selling pinchos and empanadillas that seriously hit the spot. This three square mile neighborhood is home to many universities. People encountered on the street are friendly and humble; furthermore, intelligent and ambitious. Imperatively, Washington Heights is a stop that must be taken on a trip to New York City.
Washington Heights is a very good neighborhood located in Upper Manhattan. It contains many historical parks and monuments, as well as great restaurants and the family friendly sense of the community is very vibrant. A great place to visit and bring your family and friends and find out about different cultures, especially the Dominican culture and the food they have.