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Washington Heights is a vibrant neighborhood. The sidewalks are always bustling with people. When taking a stroll in Washington Heights, you're sure to receive a head nod from the three elderly men who have set up a table and chairs are are playing card games. You might salivate at the fresh fruits and vegetables that are for sale. There is always Latin music playing somewhere in Washington heights, which is one of my favorite aspects of the neighborhood.
Washington heights is a diverse neighborhood. As soon as you walk outside you are able to enjoy different type of music genres. Walking along Broadway you are able to stop for a bite and have some Mexican food, Carribean food, Chinese food or a staple Bacon egg and cheese at the many deli/ bodegas available. Train stops and bus stops are at reasonable walking distance to further continue exploring nearby boroughs.
I love how connected I am to my local community and all of NYC. There's exciting food spots historical locations and key components to a thriving neighborhood.
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I think that WH is all right. It really depends the part of the neighborhood you live in. If you live on 191st and Fort washington it is a completely different vibe than if you live on 154 on the far east side. The neighborhood is pretty safe in certain areas but I wouldn't want to step foot in others. It's very Dominican and Latin American but it is getting gentrified, FAST. The only thing is that it is either really quiet at night, which is nice, or really loud with fireworks and motorcycles revving. There are two subway lines which make it OK to get downtown fast and you are either a block from the subway or 10 blocks from the subway. The safety like I said, is different in certain areas but you wouldn't want to walk around at night. Also there are a ton of drug dealers, though they are nice to you if you know them. Overall there is good parts and there is bad parts.
I like the food, I wish there was more variety. Since we moved here I have had no complaints, although I do miss Brooklyn and the diversity I found there.
I was born and raised in Washington Heights. This neighborhood I call home is also the home of various ethnic groups. That is what I love about Washington Heights. It is a community that embraces all of its cultures and strives to see their children succeed and enjoy life.
I like the diversity and how there is a lot of college students in the area. There are also elementary schools and endless opportunities.
Washington Heights is brimming with diversity and is in proximate distance to everything in both Manhattan and the Bronx. It has a rich history as a neighborhood and has largely preserved that heritage. The neighborhood's affordability has been shifting for the last few decades, becoming increasingly gentrified. However, native residents are still very much in the neighborhood. Dominican and Latin American businesses and restaurants are in ample supply in Washington Heights.
I went to school here - Yeshiva university is a great school located here in Washington Heights. There were lots of places for me to eat lunch and i did feel safe for the most part when commuting to and from Soho.
Washington Heights is the Bronx with Manhattan prices - same discount stores, same population of Dominicans, same Spanish-speaking restaurants, etc., all in danger of gentrification because poor or cheapo white people (I know a debt ridden moocher who lives here) don't mind pricing out longtime residents just to boast they have a "Manhattan address" Please. Move to the Bronx instead and get over yourself.
What I like about Washington Heights is that is a diverse community. Everyone is always around or trying to help out others. They have a lot of upcoming stores and job opportunities. What I would like to see change is the parking arrangements, It is so hard to find parking around the neighborhood so with all these upcoming stores we hardly have parking now imagine how much harder it will be once all the stores (target, NY&Co, etc) are up and running.
Great place to raise a family and enjoy everything New York has to offer without the hassle of living directly in the city.
I have spent the majority of my living in Washington heights. It is a community that I was born to love. Many of Dominicans reside in Washington Heights and everyone is so friendly. One thing I would change is the cleanliness of the streets.
Washington Heights is full of great hispanic culture. It is a very convenient place to live in in the city considering it is very close to the city. However, drugs are still very prevalent.
I have lived in Washington Heights for 18 years and I still very much love it to this day. While many safety issues could change, I think the neighborhood is very unique and can continue to grow in many ways.
As someone who has lived here their entire life I can truly say it is such fun lively neighborhood. The people are great and there is a variety of stores open late.
It is a great diverse neighborhood with easy access to all of new york city and all it has to offer.
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The Heights feel very familiar, being from Puerto Rico and having spent years living in a community with a large Dominican population, but it is so much more than that. There are many good restaurants to choose from, a beautiful theater, bustling city life, and the impressive sights surrounding the Washington Bridge. There are also many gorgeous churches, plenty of schools and community centers to choose from, and a lifestyle close enough to the rest of Manhattan to make contact with it easy, but considerably less expensive. And last but not least, the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, and many doctors' offices that take all sorts of medical plans. It's a pretty good place to live or pass through.
Great restaurants and foods. Vegetables an Fruits are with great prices. The majority of people are from the Dominican Republic. Schools are not very good.
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